Math Analysis

The end is near!  Updates for 26 May through the end of the year...

1.  The Unit 12 test is Friday/Tuesday with all make-ups on Wednesday, 31 May during seminar.  Please be sure to turn in all your Unit 12 packets before you take the test.  Email me at if you have any questions since I will not be in school the day of the test to answer last minute questions.

2.  The semester exam review packet is posted - seniors must complete this by the date of your exam, underclassman by 5/6 June.  You must show work or a written explanation on a separate sheet of paper for every problem or you will not receive full credit.

3.  Check the Unit 15 timeline to see what to expect the last few weeks of school and to know what is due when - keep a copy in your notebook.

4.  Be sure to check the final exam schedule so you know when your exams are.


Updates for week of 8 May...

Adjusted/updated timelines have been posted for units 11, 12, and 15.  Be sure to print them so you have the deadlines and details for the end of the quarter/semester.


Updates for week of 6 March...

1.  The timeline for Unit 9 has been posted.  Print a copy to keep in your math notebook

2.  B1 and B4:  Gradespeed will be updated by the end of the weekend.  Check your grades for accuracy and let me know if there are any discrepancies.  R5:  Your grades will be updated by Monday evening.

3.  This time of year there are always a lot of absences - don't fall behind.  Seek help right away if needed.


Updates for week of 27 Feb....

Review and test this week.  Make sure you are ready!


Updates for week of 13 February...

1.   The Unit 8 timeline is posted - print it, put your name on it, and turn it in to me BEFORE school on Monday for EC on the Unit 8 Test.

2.  Many of you will miss school for sports or other school trip reasons over the next few weeks.  Be sure to keep up and follow the timeline if you are absent - use the flipped math videos for this purpose.


Semester 2 Announcements...

1.  A new timeline for Unit 7 has been posted - please print and place in your notebook.

2.  For all absences - you are expected to stay on pace using the flipped math videos and packets ( and come to class prepared.  You will not receive full credit for any late work.

3.  Be sure to stay on top pf your grades - if you need extra assistance, be sure to schedule time either during seminar or at lunch.

4.  There are usually many trips that take place during the second semester - keep in mind that any absence, especially a week or more will most likely negatively affect your grade.