Math Analysis

Last week of school....

B2 Exam takes place Monday morning - exam review packet is due before you start the exam!

B4 Exam takes place Tuesday morning- exam review packet is due before you start the exam!

If you are missing any mastery checks or other Unit 13 work, the final date to complete it is Monday, 9 June.  I will be available after school on Monday until 4:30 for anyone who needs to come in and complete the assessments since we no loner have seminar.

Good luck on all your exams - finish strong!


Final Updates...

An exam review packet is posted on the "MA-Files to Print" link.  This packet is due the day of the exam and represents the types of questions you can expect on the exam.  Show all your work to get full credit for the review.  The packet is worth up to 15 points of your exam grade.
Be sure to see me if you have questions.

Seniors - Unit 13 test is 3 June
Non-seniors - Unit 13 Test is 5 June
All mastery checks must be complete before the test!


Updates for 22 May - 2 June

Check the timeline for Unit 13 regularly to be sure you stay on top of your work.  Exam dates are posted on the whiteboard - make sure you are well prepared in ALL your classes.  If you missed class due to sports or anything else please use the weebly website to stay on track.



1.  Congratulations to Darah for winning the Jelly Bean guess (guess:  400; actual 403!)

2. Be sure to check your unit 11 timeline so that you know what to expect each class and to see due dates for your work.

3.  If you are absent when we take a mastery check you will automatically be assigned to the second session of my seminar on the next red day.

4.  A sign up sheet is posted at the front of the room for anyone who needs to come in for help during seminar.  You must sign up prior to the end of lunch the day you want to come in.

5.  Be sure to check the weebly site for practice answers and other resources if needed.