Math Analysis

Updates for week of 18 November...

We begin unit 5 this week.  Packets will be distributed on Tuesday along with the timeline.  The timeline is also available on the "MA-Files to Print/View" page.  GradeSpeed will be updated by Monday evening at the latest.

Updates for Week of 3 November

Tuesday 11/4 - We will wrap up Unit 4 with the notes for section 4.4

Thursday 11/6 - Unit 4 Review and 4.4 MC.  These will be graded by the start of lunch.  If you need a retake on the 4.4 MC it will have to take place during seminar on Friday - you must have the Corrective Assignment complete and ready to turn in BEFORE taking the MC and will need to report to either Mr. Bean or Ms. Campbell for seminar as I will not be here.

Monday 11/10 - Test Unit 4


Updates ( week of 20 October)

1.  Unit 3 tests are graded and will be in Gradespeed no later than noon on Monday.  I will pass them back in class so you will have a chance to ask quesitions on things you may have missed.

2.  The Unit 4 Timeline is posted on the "MA -Files to Print/View" page - please print a copy for your reference.  If you write your name on it and turn it into the box as soon as you get to class on Monday, you will receive an EC point on the Unit 3 test!

3.  We will be starting Unit 4 on Monday.  Packets will be distributed in class.

4.  Q1 grades will close on 24 October allowing time for any retakes and make up work to be completed before the end of the quarter.  All grades for 4.3 and beyond will ocunt for Q2.


Updates for 22- 26 September

1.  We are right on schedule so be sure to check the Unit 2 timeline to see which assignments and mastery checks are due this week. 

2.  If you need to retake any mastery check (less than 80%) you may do so either during seminar on Tuesday, 23 September (sign up on Monday) or on Wednesday in class.  You must have the corrective assignment completed BEFORE coming in to take the MC.  The corrective assignments can be found at

3.  The Unit 2 test will be Friday.  If you will not be in school on Friday due to sports, I will schedule you to come in during seminar on Thursday to ensure you do not fall behind.


Updates for 8-12 Sept

1.  Our Unit 1 Test is Monday, 8 September.  Your Unit 1 packet with notes, practice, and applications are due at this time.

2.  The last day to submit the summer review assignment is Monday, 8 September.  No credit will be received for any papers turned after this date.

3.  I have posted the timeline for Unit 2 and will distribute a hard copy along with the Unit 2 packet in class on Monday.

4. CHANGE!  The website for our online resources has changed.  Please go to for the videos for each lesson if/when needed, notes & practice packets if you lose your copies, to check your answers to the practice pages, and to view the application walk-throughs to get you started on the application section of each packet.  This is a valuable resource - be sure to take advantage of it.



Updates for 2-5 September:

We will wrap up our review this week and prepare for the Unit 1 test (Monday, 8 Sept).  Your Unit 1 packet will be collected at this time and checked for completeness.

Grades will be updated by Tuesday evening.  If you received a score less than 4 on any of the mastery checks you may retake them on Thursday (our review and catch-up day).  If you want to retake a mastery check please complete the corrective assignment for that section first.  This work can be found on the Weebly website whose link is at the top of this page.  The summer work and policy sheets can still be submitted until Monday, 8 Sept.

The add/drop period ends on 8 September.   The material in Unit 1 is review - it is my expectation that you already know these concepts as they will NOT be retaught.  If you do not feel prepared for this course after the review work or if you are not comfortable with the topics after our review period, you may need/want to choose a course in which you can be more successful.  If this is the case, please see me as soon as possible.

I am available during before school, during lunch, and after school if you need help, need to retake MC's, or want to discuss your progress.  Please come in and see me if you need to.


  Time to get ready for another exciting school year!  I will be posting 2 short review assignments to help you get back into the swing of things so that you are ready to go when school starts on 25 August.  These are both due the first day of school so be prepared to turn them in at that time.  Go to the MA - Files to Print link at the left to access the packets.  Work needs to be shown on most of the problems so just turning in answers, not accompanied by work, is unacceptable and will NOT receive credit.  Please send me an email at if you have any questions or need further explanation.

Assignment #1 is currently available.  There may be some confusion regarding the notation used in the first few problems.   The parentheses ( and ) are the same as less than < and greater than > symbols.  The brackets [ and ] represent <  and > .   So (2,7] is the same as saying 2< x < 7.  In other words, x is between 2 and 7, including the 7 but not including the 2. 

Assignment #2 will be available beginning 18 August.  

Please download and print the classroom policies sheet before the first class.  Read through it carefully so you know what supplies you will need to be successful this year.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer break.  I look forward to getting to know you all this year and know that we will have a great year together.  See you soon!