Math Analysis

Special announcement for anyone who scored less than 65% on the Unit 5 test - one time only opportunity to earn back some points.  If you want improve your grade (the highest grade possible is 65%) you must do all of the following (no exceptions or other options are available):

1.  Complete the corrective review assignment for Unit 5, found on
2.  Attend a Q & A session either at 3:15 on Tuesday, 29 November or at 1:00 on Wednesday, 30 November.
3.  Attend one session of seminar on Friday (to be scheduled at the Q & A session) where you will be allowed to make test corrections to earn back some of the points you lost.

Updates for December ...

  •  Please print both the Unit 6 and & 7 timelines for your notebooks.  I thought I'd get everything out there as quickly as possible for those who are either taking an extended winter break or are accelerating.  Please stick to the deadlines and use the Flipped Math site as a resource when needed.  The dates for the semester exams for MA are listed on the Unit 7 timeline.

  • If you are struggling in MA here are some suggestions: (1) come in during seminar to work on your HW - this will allow you to ask questions as go along.  Seminar is NOT a time for one on one help from me as there are too many students to do this effectively, (2) use the flipped math videos to review the lessons we cover in class - these often offer a slightly different explanation which you might find helpful, (3) if you need one on one help, please make an appointment to come in either at lunch or after school, (4) utilize the NHS tutors during seminar.

  • If you need to make changes to your schedule for second semester, be sure to see your counselor as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the less options there will be for you to choose from.



Quarter 2 updates/reminders...

1.  Open and download the Q2 updates from the "MA - Files to Print/View" page to your computer.
2.  Read through and check off each item mentioned in the updates.  
3.  Save your file again to save your responses and email it to using the subject: Q2 Updates (your name).
4.  This will count as your first HW grade for Q2 and is due no later than 7:30AM on Monday, 7 November.
5.  If you have any problems, please email me at so we can fix the problem before the due date.