Math Analysis

Final Update...

29 May - Unit 12 Test
2 June - Exam Review due at the start of class; extra Assignments* due
4 June - MC for extra assignments; last chance to review for exam; all textbooks and calculators returned
5 June - B1 & B2 Exams

* Watch the videos and complete the packets for Unit 13.2 and 14.3 OR 15.1 and 15.2.  The assignments will replace your 2 lowest scores in HW and Mastery Checks.


Updates for May...

1.  The unit 12 timeline has been posted - please print so that you have a copy for reference

2.  Be sure to stay on top of your work as we head through spring sports championships.  Use the flipped videos as needed to stay on track.


27 April...

See the Unit 11 timeline for details.  Remember to print your packets BEFORE you come to class.


Updates for week of 20 April...

The Unit 10 test is Monday.  Be sure to come to class with your review packet complete.  We will have at most 10 minutes for questions.  If you have a lot of questions, please see me before school.

Quarter 4 Updates...

Check your Unit 10 timeline for information and details.  Be sure to print and bring in the required packets for each class.