Math Analysis

End of year information...

Exam review is due Wed/Thurs.  You were sent an email 2 weeks ago with the details.  B1 Exam is Friday;,B3 on Monday, and R5 on Tuesday.

Updates for week of 16 May...

1.  All grades except for the Unit 11 test are in GradeSpeed.  The test will be entered no later than Monday morning.

2.   If you are missing a test or MC, you have already been requested for seminar.  Be sure to come.  There is not a lot of time left to get make-up work completed.

3.  Check GradeSpeed for accuracy and  let me know by Monday if there are any errors. 

4.  The 13.2 EC is due Monday (Red 5) and Tuesday (Blue 1 & 3).  This will be added on to the Unit 12 work where needed.

5.  Special opportunity...a chance to replace one of your MC grades for unit 11.  You may choose 1 MC on which you got less than a 7/10 to re-do!  Here's how:
a.  Complete the corrective assignment for that section and drop it off on MONDAY before 1PM (all classes). 
b.  Sign up for your retake (seminar Tuesday or Thursday) when you turn the corrective assignment in.
c.  The highest grade you will get on the retake is 7/10.


Wrapping up Q3...

1.  I will be out from 18 March until the end of the quarter.  Mr. Floyd will be my sub.

2.  Between 3/14 and 4/7 you will be working on Unit 10 - Graphing Trig Functions.  I have planned for 2 days per section - see timeline under "files to print" tab.

3.  If you are absent for a MC, schedule a time with Mr. Floyd to complete it.  If you will miss the Unit 10 test due to a pre-planned absence, it is advised that you work ahead using the flipped math videos and schedule a time to take the test BEFORE your departure.

4.  If you have any questions or concerns that Mr. Floyd cannot  address, please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


March Updates...

1.  Monday & Tuesday will be used for make up MC's and tests and to review for the unit 9 test. 

2.  Check Gradespeed to see if you are missing anything and let me know what you need BEFORE your class.

3.  The unit 9 Test will be next Wednesday and Thursday.


End of semester updates...

1.  The final test for quarter 2 will be Thursday/Friday.  If you are absent, you will be scheduled for seminar on Monday, 25 January.

2.  The exam review packet is posted on the "MA files to print/view" link.  Please print it and complete it.  It will be collected the day of the exam and will count 25 points towards your exam grade.  If you have any questions, sign up to come in during seminar to ask your questions.  We will NOT have a formal review in class.

3.  If you are planning to make schedule changes and have not yet met with your counselor, please do so immediately as space in the courses are limited and filling up fast.

Updates for January...

1.  Unit 7 is the last unit of study for semester 1. 
2.  The exam schedule is posted on the "Files to Print/view" link
3.  Be sure to print your unit 7 timeline so you know what to expect over the next few weeks.
4.  If you are wanting to change your schedule for the second semester be sure to see your counselor as soon as possible as classes fill up fast.


Updates for week of 30 November:

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break.  We have 3 weeks before our winter break and lots to accomplish.  Here's some important information for this week:

1.  GradeSpeed is finally up to date.  Please check it for accuracy.  Special Black Friday deal...turn in any HW that you got less than a score of 5 on before school starts on Monday (30 Nov) and I will update your grade. 

2.  A new timeline for unit 6 and the end of unit 5 has been posted.  Print it and turn it in by lunch on Monday and I will add a point to your Unit 4 test.

3.  Sports competitions start this weekend.  Make sure you are doing everything possible to ensure you remain eligible throughout the season.

4.  The unit 5 test will be on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Are you prepared?


End of Q1 Schedule:

Monday:  4.3 Notes
Wednesday:  4.3 MC; 4.4 notes (Grades count for Q2)

B1 & B3
Tuesday: 4.2 MC (last Q1 grade); 4.3 notes
Thursday:  4.3 MC; 4.4 Notes

Be sure to check last week's updates for an important reminder.



Due to an unexpected day off from school the following changes will be made to our timeline for BLUE classes only:
      Wednesday, 28 Oct:  MC 4.1, Notes 4.2 & 4.3
      Tuesday, 3 Nov: MC 4.2 & 4.3, Notes 4.4
      Thursday, 5 Nov:  Back on track


1.  If you have any zeros for HW - I will accept any of these for 1/2 credit if turned in no later than 1:00PM  Monday, 2 November. 

2.  If you received a grade less than 70% any of the unit tests...complete the Corrective assignment for the review and turn it in by Thursday, 29 October for a chance to retest (max score possible -70%). The retakes will be given on Friday, 30 October.  You must arrive between 8 AM and 9AM or no deal!



Updates for week of 26 October:

1.  A new/adjusted timeline for Unit 4 has been posted.  Please print a copy for your notebook so you know what is going on.  +1 EC on the chapter 3 test if you turn it in to me BEFORE school on Monday.

2.  Two useful links for transformations if you are having trouble.  Hint:  the b and h values determine how you change the original x values of the function, the a and k values change the original y value.

3.  Order of operations for transformations - b, h, a, k (note the change from what was written in the notes!)

Updates for week of 19 October:

1.  The Unit 3 test will be Monday/Tuesday of this week.  This is the last big test for the quarter.  Make sure you have your Unit 3 review ready to turn in. 

2.  GradeSpeed is up to date.  Look your grades over carefully and let me know if there are any errors.   

3. The Unit 4 timeline is now available on the "Files to Print/View" page.  Be sure to print it so you know what is happening in class and for HW.

4.  If you are missing any mastery checks or tests I will be scheduling you for seminar on Wednesday.  Please plan accordingly.


Updates for week of 13 October:

We are still on track so check out the unit 3 timeline for details.  Be ready to finish up the mastery checks and be prepared for the unit test at the end of the week.


Updates for week of 5 October:

1.  Due to having 2 half days on blue days (2 and 14 Oct) I have adjusted the timeline for all blue classes.  Please print and keep it in your binder.

2.  GradeSpeed will be updated by the end of the weekend.  Be sure to check it for accuracy and let me know if there are any errors.


Updates for the week of 28 September:

Are you ready for the unit 2 Test?  Remember that the test is Monday and Tuesday.  Stop by and see me before class if you have any questions.

The Unit 3 Timeline is posted on the "MA - Files to Print" link.  Please print it and place it in your binder.  I will be checking to see if you have it at the start of class on Wednesday/Thursday.

We may need to make a slight adjustment to the timeline for the blue day classes since this Friday is a shortened schedule.  I will see what we can accomplish on that day and adjust accordingly.  Any changes will be posted next weekend.


Updates for the week of 21 September:

No new information.  We are right on schedule according to the Unit 2 timeline.  We wrap up Unit 2 this week and prepare for the test.


Updates for the week of 14 September:

1.  A timeline has been posted for Unit 2.  Print and place in the box at the start of class Monday or Tuesday to receive an EC point on the Unit 2 test!

2.  This week we start our in-depth study of functions.  Be sure to stay on top of our work.

3.  In seminar we will now be allowed to travel.  There is a sign up sheet posted on the front board for you to sign up to be requested to my seminar.  Please sign up as soon as you know you want/need to come in but no later than 1 PM the day of that seminar.

4.  Tuesday is the last day to add or drop a course.  Make sure you see your counselor before the end of that day if you need to make schedule changes.

5.  Each week, GradeSpeed will be updated no later than Monday - in time for athletic eligibility.  Please get in the habit of checking it each Monday and bring any discrepancies to my attention as soon as possible.

6.  I hope you all off to a great start this year.  Please let me know if you or your parents have any concerns.