4th Grade Homework


4th Grade Homework/Tests for August 25  -  29

  • Please send $6.00 to Mrs. Goggans for Science Newsletters if you have not. We are using these in class daily.
  • Student log-in information for the Parent Portal access to INOW went home today or last Friday with your child. Check their binders for this information.

Alabama History (Jones) –  Our classes will be Studying Alabama's Historic Places this week. Test Thursday on History words.

Language (Baggett) –  Week 3 DOL Test - Thursday. Study nightly. We are studying complete subjects and predicates. This skills test will be Friday.

Science (Goggans)  –  We are reading our Science Weekly Newsletter - Week 2 Properties of Matter this week in class. We also have six vocabulary words we are learning. We will have an open newsletter quiz on Friday.

Math (Tinch) – We are adding and subtracting with regrouping. We will have our Chapter 1 Test on Thursday. Homework packet is due on Friday.

Reading (Ellis) – Our vocabulary test is Tuesday. Children have their vocabulary words and all definitions in their Vocabulary journal. We are also having an Author's Purpose quiz on Wednesday. Children will be allowed to discuss the passages with a partner on the quiz.

Writing and Spelling (Masters) –   Homework pages are due on Friday -- 55, 60, 97, and words written in cursive 2x each. Spelling test Friday on Week 2 spelling words.