4th Grade Homework


4th Grade Homework/Tests for May 4 - May 8

Alabama History (Jones) –  Chapter 9 - Textbook - Read pages 256 - 265. Workbook pages 77 - 79. Vocabulary - 12 words. Quiz on Thursday. Study Definitions - Chapter 9 and Guided Reading 9-3, 9-4, and 9-5.

Language (Baggett) –  Week 33 DOL Test Thursday. We are studying prepositions and prepositional phrases. Our skills test will be next Wednesday.

Science (Goggans)  –  We are still working on our Plant Unit during Science class. I will be taking our Science Station pages plus our notebook pages created together during class for a Science notebook Test grade once we are finished with our unit. No more Science tests are planned.

Math (Tinch) – We will be reviewing and working on Notebook pages this week. Homework sheet is due on Friday.

Reading (Ellis) – We have completed Number the Stars. Open Book quiz Wednesday on the last few chapters.

Writing and Spelling (Masters) –   Spelling test will be Thursday.  We are reviewing fictional narratives. Research writing will be due on Thursday.