4th Grade Homework


4th Grade Homework/Tests for March 23 - 27

- Class Pictures were sent home with students last week. The cost is $12. Please send money or return the picture.
- Spring Break is next week. Enjoy!!

Alabama History (Jones) –  Project due Friday, March 27th. Chapter 7/Section 3 - Textbook - Read pages 206 - 208. Guided Reading Worksheets. Workbook pages 63, 64. Test Friday on Chapter 7. Study Guided Reading worksheets.

Language (Baggett) –  Week 29 DOL Test on Thursday. We are studying advverbs. Our test will be Friday.

Science (Goggans)  –  This week in Science we are studying Week 24 newsletter - Earth's Wild Wonders. We are testing on Friday, March 27. Students will need to review their Week 24 Study Guide along with their newsletter this week to prepare for their Quiz. It is located on page 88 in their notebooks, on my blog, and I sent a picture of it on the Remind text app.

Math (Tinch) – We are learning about measuring angles. Homework Packet due on Friday.

Reading (Ellis) – Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow, Tuesday, on Chapters 5 and 6 of Number the Stars. We reviewed these words together today. We are also having a short quiz on Chapters 5 - 6. We reviewed these chapters today as well.

Writing and Spelling (Masters) –   Spelling test on Thursday.  Readers/Writers Notebook pages 331 and 336 are due by Friday. We will be writing about short topics everyday and logging them daily.