4th Grade Homework


4th Grade Homework/Tests for December 15 - 19

- We will have half days on Thursday and Friday of this week. We will dismiss at 12 pm each day.

Alabama History (Jones) –  Study Vocabulary and Study Guide for test on Tuesday, Dec 16 - Alabama Historic Indians. This test was postponed until we could review well.

Language (Baggett) –  We are working on Week 18 DOL this week. No skill test or DOL test this week.

Science (Goggans)  –  We are reviewing. No tests this week.

Math (Tinch) – We are learning about equivalent fractions. No quiz or homework this week.

Reading (Ellis) – This week we are finishing Insect Invasion informational text. Children will take an OPEN BOOK quiz. They may work with a partner if they choose. On Wednesday, children will take Quiz #2 on Insect Invasion. It will also be OPEN BOOK. Every quiz we have taken on informational text has been OPEN BOOK to provide children the opportunity to look back and re-visit the text if they need to. If children need to revisit the text, they can always go to scholastic.com/sn.4 for student log-in. The student password is tunapug194.

Writing and Spelling (Masters) –   This week we are working on Christmas writing (opinion.)  Essay has been delayed until after Christmas. We will pick back up working as soon as we come back in on January 6.