SPELLING WORDS:   American         frozen
                  button           chapter
                  tractor          golden
                  taken            harbor
                  father           color
                  ancestor         hidden
                  hamburger        theater
                  weather          beckon
                  cannon           comparison
                  elder            turban 

SENTENCE DICTATION:  A persuasive piece shares the author’s opinion and 
tries to convince the reader to agree.

Monday 10/16/17:
              1)Math-Multiplication ?'s 1-6/Math Assessment #4
              2)Reading-Read "Just The Way You Are" ?'s 1-5
              3)Language-Free Verse RD/Diamante FC
              4)Spelling-WB 33Science-Poster Presentation
              5)Science-Safety Contract Signature
              6)Other-"The Shephard's Boy"  Color Coding
              7)Daily Planner Signature