Welcome to Week 2 (1st Quarter) of 
K-3 Camp Kindergarten!!!

Welcome to our class website.  Our classroom is open 24 hours a day!  Here you will find weekly updates, homework assignments, class projects, parent information and student links.  Our class website will be updated each Sunday and be visible for 7 days. New pages/links will be added weekly/monthly as appropriate.  

Please read through our 2nd week reminders below and visit all pages listed on the left tabs of this page.  Please read to the bottom of each page on our website weekly.

blinking-bullet.GIF   C.A.M.P. binders will come home on Tuesday, August 15th.  Please make certain that your child has brought in a 1-inch binder, with a clear plastic sleeve that opens at the top for an insert, that I can prepare for them.

blinking-bullet.GIF       Scholastic book orders for the month of August will come home in the children's C.A.M.P. binder on Tuesday, August 15th.  Please set up your Parent Scholastic Online Account so that you are easily able to order age appropriate skill-based books for your child.  We will be learning to read soon!  Our first book orders will be due, ordered online, by Sunday, August 20th, at midnight.

blinking-bullet.GIF     Alphabet Boot Camp begins tomorrow!  We will be learning one letter a day.  An assessment of letters/sounds will be given at the end of our 26 days, which will place our students into guided reading groups.  At that time, our reading groups, individualized reading instruction, will begin.

blinking-bullet.GIF   Children may bring in snacks beginning on Monday, August 14th, for our 11:00am recess. Please make certain that your child's snack:

  • has your child's name on it
  • is NOT in your child's lunch box; it needs to be turned in first thing each morning
  • is nutritious (granola bar/fruit/crackers); no candy please

blinking-bullet.GIF   Our Name Book and Paper Plate Self-Portrait is due in on Monday, August 14th.  I cannot wait to see each family's creativity!
blinking-bullet.GIF   Please have your child wear a blue t-shirt to school on Monday, August 14th, and every Monday of the school year.

blinking-bullet.GIF   Dismissal each Monday, will be at 2:00pm for kindergarten.  

If you are picking up your child, please plan to be by the "K" tree at 2:00pm.  I will give your child an elbow bump and then they may leave with you.

If you child is riding the bus home, please plan to be at your child's bus stop shortly after 2:00pm to receive your child as he/she steps off the bus.  If a kindergarten child does not have an adult at their bus stop, they will be returned to Otondo School and a parent will be called to pick them up.

Tuesday - Friday our dismissal is at 3:30pm.  Please plan to meet me at the "K" tree by 3:30pm.

blinking-bullet.GIF   Please either send in a sack lunch or visit the cafeteria to place money on your child's lunch account as soon as possible.  Free lunch/reduced lunch forms will be sent home Monday for parents to fill out and return.  However, parents are responsible to pay for their child's lunch until they are approved.  Lunch daily is $1.50 and breakfast is served daily for free.  Thank you!

blinking-bullet.GIF      All Facebook invites have been sent.  If you have not received your invite, please re-send the e-mail address that you sign into your Facebook account with and I will re-send your invite.

blinking-bullet.GIF   Please continue to say your goodbyes to your kindergarten child at the Hug and Drop Off sign.  Teachers will no longer monitor the station but all kindergarten children now know how walk out to the playground independently.  For the safety of all children, parents should not be on the kindergarten playground.

blinking-bullet.GIF   Please send in BoxTops weekly to support the fundraising efforts of Otondo School.  Please send BoxTops in to me in a Ziplock baggie.  The BoxTops you send in earn our class parties provided by the PTO.  Thank you in advance for clipping BoxTops for our class.  


blinking-bullet.GIF  Please check your e-mail daily!!!  Thank You!!!

blinking-bullet.GIF   Please plan to have your child wear his/her Otondo t-shirt every Friday for School Spirit Day!

blinking-bullet.GIF   Please have your child wear his/her blue t-shirt to school every Monday of the school year.  We will be showing our TEAM BLUE spirit!