Auction Basket Donations

We have been given a suggested list for the class basket for the silent auction. Please feel free to donate additional items not on the provided list below that you would like to contribute. Gift cards are always welcome! All items need to be turned into our classroom by Wednesday, April 25th. These baskets are excellent silent auction items and do very well for the school each year…thank you in advance for your participation! After you sign up, scroll to bottom and enter password "junebugs1112".
Play That Funky MusicName
Basket Isabella Hutchinson
MP flash media player 
CD/DVD Player 
Ticket Stub Diary Armstrong
Guitar String Bracelets  
Record Coasters  
Drum Stick Pencils  
iPod Skins, Cases, Arm BandsArmstrong
Auto FM Transmitter for Apple® iPod® & Most MP3 Players (Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Walmart, Target) 
Micro Charger for Apple® iPad™, iPhone® and iPod® (Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Walmart, Target) 
HEX – Watchband 
iPod Docking StationHartnett
Preggioni Magneat Headphone Cable Organizer  
CD Organizer 
Ear Buds, Ear Bud StorageSasha Amos
Music CDs all types of music 
“Got Music” Items of all types  
Blank CDs, DVDsCheri Farias
Concert DVDs 
Globe, Clock, Dictionary  
Thesaurus, Journal, Address BookEmilia Peralta
Crossword Books, Sudoku BooksSasha Amos
Gift card (suggestions below) 
Barnes and NoblesCarmen Frontera
iTunesCharlie Green
AmazonJennifer Bookspan
Concert Tickets 
Guitar lesson 
Piano Lessons 
StinkweedsLindsey Krassner
Zia records 
Martini Ranch 
Hard Rock Cafe 
Cream Stereo Lounge 
Broadway Palms Theatre