Division One Homework and Assignments

December 2017Thought of the Day: Education is a privilege. Many kids around the world do not have that privilege.

This website will be closing at the end of first term.  I will be transitioning you all to my new site at:  Mr. Yesaki - Division One - Garden City School

Homework and Assignments for the Week of:  December 11 - December 15, 2017
Notices/Weekly Events:   Band on Thursday and Friday.  Games day afternoon on Thursday! (Bring a board or card game to school if you want to play) Boys' basketball practice on Thursday at lunch.   Secret Santa gifts wrapped and brought to school for under the tree by Friday, December 15th!
English Language Arts: 
1) Choose a term two book report novel for Friday

Social Studies:
1) Personal Interest Projects - due February 5th, 2018
2) Identify the capital cities of all the countries labeled on your world maps

1) Chapter tests - fractions + integers (including Ms. Pathyil's group - multiplying/dividing) on Thursday!

Core French:
1) tribe flash cards + vocabulary words translated (due Thursday, December 14th)

Arts Education: 
1) Practice your Christmas songs for Band