Division One Homework and Assignments

October 2017Thought of the Day: Enjoy the rain because it wasn't so long ago that forest fires were burning all over B.C. 

This website will be closing at the end of first term.  I will be transitioning you all to my new site at:  Mr. Yesaki - Division One - Garden City School

Homework and Assignments for the Week of:  October 23-27, 2017
Notices/Weekly Events: 
1) Provincial Professional Day for all teachers in B.C. on Friday - no school for students
Language Arts: 
1) Continue to work on your first term reports!  (Read your choice/criteria sheets carefully)...due on November 13th
2) Grammar pages 15 - 21 (nouns, verbs, pronouns, subject/predicate) in full sentences (due Tuesday)

1) Health Education presentation research (presentations for presentation on Monday)
2) Tribe experiments for Mrs. Serrano's Science assembled and ready to present on Tuesday, October 24th

Social Studies:
1) Personal Interest Projects - Begin note taking and research (due dates on your project outline - either first term or second)

Grade 7 - (Mathpower 7 - multiplying) pg. 99 (order of operations), 101 & 103 (simple word problems) (due Monday)
Grade 6 - Math Makes Sense pg. 72/73 (long division) (due Monday)

1) Quiz on days of the week, months of the year, colours, and numbers #1-40 (Wednesday)

1) Work on your name puzzle piece if you want