**YEAH!!!! Ms. Roussy (who has substituted in our classroom a few times this year) will be taking over when I go away for maternity leave. My last day will be Friday, Feb. 10th. 

Math Quiz changed to Tuesday, Jan. 31st:

-calculating (finding the exact number) vs. estimating (making easy numbers to make an "educated guess"
-addition -"Right to Left" (traditional addition with regrouping)
                  -Left to Right (add thousands first, then hundreds etc)
-subtraction-Traditional subtraction with "borrowing"
                     -Number line subtraction (jumping by easy numbers on a
line from lowest number to highest number)
                           eg) 500-199=  199+1=200
                                                  then add the jumps (1+100+100+100=301)
Thank you to all of the parent volunteer drivers! We have more than enough to help on the field trip next Monday, Oct. 6th. Here is a list of the students whose parents will be driving. Please arrive at 12 noon so we can be ready for the presentation to start at O.W.L. at 12:30. Drivers will be needed at 1:45pm in order to leave O.W.L by 2:00pm to return to school. We welcome parents to stay and participate in the field trip, but please let Mrs. Church know if you can not supervise. 
Drezden (3)      Thomas (3)
Colton (5)   Naima (2)
Jason (3)      Kaylee (2)
Taya (3)      Duncan (2)

Welcome to Division 5's class website!
On this Website, Mrs. Church will post upcoming events, our classroom schedule and "links" students can use to practice for subjects we are currently working on at school. Daily homework will be recorded in student's planners. 

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Mrs. Church