Katniss has found a new ally in Rue.  Will they be able to overcome the Careers?

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  • Riley Tucker

    Wow! i love this book. I think that KAtniss choosing Rue as an ally was a great idea. They will probably be able to take over most of the careers. I just hope that Rue and KAtniss will not have to kill eachother at the end. I hope that Rue and KAtniss get the Career's food source.

    2/3/2011 8:58:30 AM
  • Rachel Howard

    I think Katniss and Rue might be able to overcome the Careers. The Careers are strong, but Katniss and Rue are smart and swift.

    2/3/2011 9:01:23 AM
  • Dalton Mayfield

    more than likley yes she`s made it this far rue just makes it better for survival with food and water anyway

    2/3/2011 9:06:40 AM
  • Caitlin McOsker

    Where is Rue? If we were in a normal situation, like actually lost in the woods, we could only hope that she would be ok. But, these are the Hunger Games, in the country of Panem, and can only end in tears, no matter who you are. Hopefully Katniss doesn't end up with her and Rue fighting the final battle. Or Katniss and Peeta.
    What will happen to the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread? Aren't they still playing up the love angle in all this mess? Ever since Peeta saved her, Katniss hasn't known what to think. Did she imagine it? Or was Peeta really with the Careers, who are now without supplies. Maybe Katniss stands a chance.

    2/3/2011 3:43:02 PM
  • aaron taylor

    with the careers supply gone i beleive they can, but saddly i have my own copy and... never mind you'll just have to see for your self. hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

    2/3/2011 6:46:06 PM
  • Sharon Jackson

    Anything is posible at this point. It's a good thing she made this alliance because she won't be able to get very far on her own.

    2/3/2011 8:38:32 PM
  • diego

    i can't believe how the book ends although im not really surprised how it ended

    2/4/2011 7:09:04 AM
  • Nick Weathers

    i think one or two of the careers will die next then rue. or maybe kitniss will die and the it will become a first person from rues point of view (hope that made sence)

    2/6/2011 4:18:12 PM
  • Debbie S.~!(:

    I think that if they do survive, one of them will have to kill the other, and I don't think Katniss would have heart or Rue would have the bravery. But I do think they can outsmart the Careers. Because they're awesome of course!(:

    2/7/2011 8:31:17 AM
  • garrett

    i think that they will be able to do some things to harm the careers but not kill them all as a team

    2/7/2011 6:50:29 PM
  • Tanner

    this book is amazing!

    2/15/2011 7:28:25 PM
  • Noah Albritton

    I agree with garrett, I think they can take out a few of the careers but not all of them

    2/16/2011 4:37:03 PM
  • mary kate dycus

    oh they will develop something eventually

    3/15/2011 9:16:03 AM
  • Daniel

    If they can take out one at a time without dealing with all of them is should not be that difficult

    3/15/2011 7:12:25 PM
  • Kristi Lungcharoen

    Rue and Katniss make a great alliance! Katniss can get food while Rue can get leaves for the tracker jacker venom! They could win the hunger games but what about Peeta?

    3/16/2011 8:59:41 PM
  • Rachel King:)

    I can't belive they blow up the food & i wonder if Peeta will suvive these games or if Rue will

    3/17/2011 8:51:48 AM
  • Gandalf Ryan McCommon VII


    11/13/2012 2:10:24 PM

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