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Divergent thinking activities encourage students to brainstorm many ideas and to be fluent in their thinking. First grade students are working alone or with a partner to brainstorm ways to “undo a gnu” who is stuck in a canoe.  Second and third grade students are using originality,flexibility, elaboration and sense of humor to write riddles about animals.

Here are some of the riddles that the students have come up with:

What do you call a lizard who is good at tennis?  A smallstar! -Brent

When a cat goes to the store what does it get?  Bitems! -Chad

What do you call it when a bat gets angry?  He's fangry! -Luke

What do the lions do when people at the zoo look at them?  They bignore them! -Murad and Mrs. J

What does a caterpillar drink at Christmas?  Leggnog! -Grace

Camden Station
Where does an elephant hide in the Arctic?  In a bigloo! -Tommy

How does a unicorn feel when it gets its mane wet?  Mane-gry! -Allison

What does a cat use when he needs to cut something?  A cute-ility knife! -Matthew

What did the mommy unicorn say to the daddy unicorn on their date?  This restaurant is very hornate! -Elle

What did the fish say to the doctor?  "Doc, I have a gillness!"  -Kaela

What did the gazelle see when he slid into home base?  The jumpire! -Maggie

What does an alligator say when it sees a flying saucer?  Tailiens! -Ben

What does a dolphin send out when he is having a party?  A swimvitation! -Jessi

Who is the fish's best friend in outer space?  A scalien! -Andrew and JT

What are leopards afraid of?  Fasteroids! -Jack

What do you call a peregine falcon going to the moon?  A fastronaut! -Lexie

What is a monkey's favorite language?  -Swinglish! -Virginia

Kenwood Station
What did the caterpillar's mom say to him when he came inside?  What is crawllover you? -

What happened to the skunk when he caught a fairy?  He was stenchanted!  -Lauren

What is it called when the cardinal says something that is not true?  A flie! -Dylan F.

What do you call a turtle that has good manners?  Slowld-fashioned!  -Cooper

How does the parrot feel when he gets embarrassed?  Talkward!  -David

What makes a tiger function?   His roargans!  -Dylan

Where do turtles go to school?  Slow Shellementary!  -Mya

What did the mommy unicorn say to her child when he wasn't cooperating?  You're really being hornery!          -Eloise

What did mommy bear say to baby bear when he was bad?  You really firk me!  -Reece

What did the tiger have to take when he ate poison berries?  Syrup of
Stripecac!  -Campbell

What will the elephant never eat when he makes eggs?  Leggshells! -Caleb and Jordan C.

The flying saucer splashed in the water.  What did the fish say?  Taliens!  -

What do you call it when a dragon has the flu?  A scalement!  -Maddie

Where does a monkey want to go for vacation?  Swingland!  -Renee

What is a cheetah called when he goes up in a spaceship?  A fastronaut!  -Lindsey

What does a dragon go on vacation?  Fireland!  -Bobby

What is a decoration for Christmas for elephants?  Hornaments!  -Sebastian

What did the dinosaur say when he saw a weird thing in the sky/  Scaliens are coming!  -Ben

What crafts do lions do for fun?  Roarigami!  -Dane

What virus did the doctor say that the spider had?  Webola!  -Zachary

Where do pigs speak?  Pinklish!  -Elijah and Will

Why did the mouse dance?  Because he was smallways a dancer! -Tessa

Where does a hamster get braces?  A shorthodontist!  -Ashley and Jordan R.

What do you call this statement:  Giraffes Just Jump Jets?  Talliteration!  -Sahil and Drew

Why did the fish jump off the cliff?  Because he bragged that it wasn't swimpossible!  -Adam

Why is the cub afraid to tell his dad something?  Because his dad is too mane-gry!  -Brianna

What do you call a rude camel from Italy?  Spitalian! -Robbie

What did the cop say when he saw a platypus driving a car?  That's billegal! -Stevie

What does a pirhana use to fill his car?  Teethanol!  -Annie

What did the mouse say when he saw the eagle?  Beeeeek!  -Austin O.

What do you call a beaver that gets called to see the president?  Swimportant!  -Ben

What did the fish say when he could not swim up the waterfall?  This is swimpossible! -Liam

What does the lion like to play?  The roargan!  -Emily  and Natalie

Where does the momma jackrabbit take the baby jackrabbit who is sick?  To get a hoperation! -Austin  S.

When a tiger went outside what did he see?  A fasteroid!  -Kaleb and Jonathan

What was the stolen from the cheetahs?  The spotomobile, because they left the keys in it! -Will

What did the lion say to the cat when he dared him to jump off of the cliff?  I main't going to do that, I say!  -Luke

How many times does a kitten have to drink milk?  Soften!  -Ayla

What did the ladybug do to her writing piece on the computer?  Redited it! -Jacqueline

What is the cheetah's favorite thing to study in school?  Fastronomy! -Keegan

What do horses fight in?  The Farmy! -Clara


Where does a dragon live?  Fireland! -Lilly

What do you call a mutated cetus?  A whalien.  -James

What did the unicorn want to be when he grew up?  A hornithologist! -Molly C.

What did one pegasus say to the other when he lied?  You flier!  -Molly G.

What did the chicken say when his dad was dancing?  That's clawkward! -Clay

What do you call the way that a bear moves when his cave catches on fire?  Furgently  -Jesus

What do you call it when a snake interrupts you?  A skintrusion!  -Emilee

Where does the falcon want to visit? 
Clawstin, Texas!  -Simon

What does the dog like to eat?  Beggplant!  -Emily R.

Why didn't the snake go up the tree?  He hissssn't old enough!  -Drew

What is an otter called when it comes to this country?  A swimmigrant!  -Lilly and Emma

What do you call a baby lion that lives alone?  -A roarphan!  -Joby


What is a tiger's favorite soft drink?  Ginger Tale!  -Ryan

What did the fox say when he felt bad?  I have a tailment! -Brayden

If a cheetah spots a rock in the sky what does he say?  Ahhh, a fasteroid! -

What would you call it if an alligator ate something that was bugging you?  Jawsome! -Leah

What do you call a hamster spy?  A cagent!  -Alex

What do you call a fox who goes to the moon?  A fastronaut! -Ryan

What does the baby buffalo say to her mom when they camoflauge her in a rock?  Are you a biguana now? -Lilee

What do you call a cheetah that is bad at gymnastics?  Runskillful!  -Cameron and Michael

The seats were taken up when the baby zebra came.  What did the teacher do?  She grassigned a seat for him!  -Veena and Aditi

Who is the elephant's favorite relative? His truncle! -Owen, Darren and Jackson


What would you call a snake’s tail if it was an alien? A Tail-ien! Collin

What does a giraffe drive? A Spotmobile! Will

Why did the giraffe’s friend need to listen? It was furgent! Will

What did the elephant say to his friend? That girl is fattractive! Aidan

Where does an elephant live in the Arctic Circle? In a Bigloo! Aidan and Mrs. Jones

What would you call a black and white rabbit? Ahopposite! Karolena

What do you call a rabbit that looks like an orangutan? Afurrangutan! Karolena

What do you call a dog that’s outstanding? Pawsome! Robbie

What do you call it when a dog has an emergency? Furgent! Robbie

What did the cow say to the fuzzy cat? You arecudderlycudorable! Reese and Mrs. Jones

What do you call a big group of cows? Moodlesof cows! Reese and Mrs. Jones

What did the bear say when he saw pirates? Fur-gggh! Molly

Where do dogs go when they get bored? The Barkade! Emma and Josie

Where do dogs sleep in the winter? Adigloo! Josie

What is a snake afraid of? Scaliens! Josie

What does a bird say when it is guessing? I’m nestimating! Brooklyn

What would be a good career for a dog? Barkitect! Emma and Mrs. Jones

What does a bird say when something is cool? That’s clawsome! Tommy

What do you call a dog that can start a fire? Adigniter! Kenton

What do you call an old dog? Barchaic! Kenton and Mrs. Jones

Where does a dog go to play video games? TheBarkade! Kenton


What do you hang on a bull? Hornaments! -Raegan

What’s a bull’s favorite thing to learn about when he is mad? Madjectives! -Raegan

What do spiders have for breakfast? Leggs! -Mia

What is a spider’s favorite drink? Leggnog! -Mitchell

Why do humans hate Black Widows? Because they are Venemies! -Mitchell

What is a dragon’s favorite country? Fireland! -Isaiah

What’s a monkey’s favorite hobby? Smartchery! -Haley

What do monkeys like to read? Smarticles! -Haley

How does a giraffe get better at playing guitar? Neckperience! -Olivia

What did the police hook the bald eagle up to when theythought he was lying? A fly-detector! -Lily

How could the fly get around? He had a flycense!–Lily

What do eagles put in sockets? Flightbulbs!–Kaden

How does a dragon check the date? His scalendar! -Madelyn

What does a flamingo write with? A pinkpen! -Gigi

How did the polar bear feel when one of the zookeepers called him fat? Clawful! -Ava

What is a polar bear’s favorite ocean? The Fatlantic! -Ava

How did the tiger feel about himself? “I’m clawsome!” -Madeline S.

How did the giraffe feel when all of the people in the zoo looked at him? Like a Tall-Star! –Avary

Where does the camel want to go? Spitaly!–Jack

Where do seals live? The Barktic! -Hannah

What is a lion’s favorite fruit? A roarange!–Kaitlyn

How did the tiger feel when the zoo visitors took his picture? Clawsome! -Chelsey

How did the tiger feel after he was mean to another tiger? Clawful! -Chelsey

Locust Grove
Why did the hippopotamus throw atantrum? He wanted fattention! -Hunter and Cassidy

What do you call a mother elephant’s brother? A truncle! –Olivia

Why didn’t the goat have horns? Because he was using them on his tree as hornaments!–Jack

Which movie had a tiger instead of a lion? The Wizard of Claws! –Connor

How do the giraffes take turns eating? They tallternate! –Kayley

When do giraffes need to use the restroom?Tallways! –Grace and Kayley

Where do cats go to listen to music? A clawpera! –Liam and Jacob

What is a lion’s favorite flower? A roarchid! –Lucas and Trent

What type of food does a lion eat? Roarganic food! -Katie

What is a snake’s favorite place to visit? Hissrael! –Jake

What do parrots get in their feathers that itch? Flice! –Allie

What is a centipede’s favorite meal? Leggs and bacon! –Jenna

Why did the platypus scream in the night? Because he saw a tailien! –Maia

Where did the seal go to play pingpong? The barkade! –Tamm

What does a spotted lizard say when he has to leave? I spought to be leavingnow! –Olivia

How do giraffes go out the door at the same time? -They tallternate!-Madison


Why didn’t the rabbit eat the asparagus? Because it was quicky! -David

What happens when you cross a horse and an ape? You get a haype! -Cullen andLogan

What does the bird watch on TV? American Flydol! -Lyra and Mrs. Jones

What country did the snake slither to? Hissrael! -Kaeli and Kristina

Why did the bee use itch cream? -He had poison hivy! -Kortnee

What do you call a fly who doesn’t pay attention in class? -Flignorant!-Tyler


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