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Our gym teacher Ms. Cameron gave the kids some great books on having healthy bodies. I sent them home in their folders last week. We hope you enjoy reading and discussing how to have a healthy body with your children! In class, we talk about how to stop the spread of germs by washing hands and covering our mouths when we sneeze or couch. The kids also participate in cleaning germs from the tables during the day (volunteers only- students are not forced to clean the tables! They use baby wipes or paper towels after I spray with organic, chemical free spray. Ms. B, the custodians, and I do however use disinfecting sprays and wipes to clean when the students are out of the room). We’ll continue talking about health, the food pyramid, and being active for the rest of the year.

On Tuesday afternoon we joined the rest of the school in the cafeteria for a wonderful music assembly. Guided by their music instructors, the students in grades 3, 4, and 5 performed songs on their instruments and sung in a chorus. The pre-k kids were incredibly patient and attentive during the hour long concert- I’m so proud! We discussed how when they get older they’ll also be able to sing in the chorus and/or pick an instrument to play.

We are having a class party on Friday, December 23 before winter break. Students will again be invited to wear their favorite pajamas to school! I sent home a request list for some snacks and paper goods for the part on Monday- thank you to everyone who volunteered to send something in. We’ll skip rest time and have a dance party while Ms. B and I set up, and then the party will begin! I’ll provide some extra Christmas and winter crafts for the kids to make after (if they’d like) and we’ll listen to some holiday stories before we part.

I’ll be sending home our rest time blankets and towels over vacation for a washing. Please send them with students upon their return.

Report cards were sent home last week. Please send me an e-mail or see me at dismissal if you have any questions!

We are still writing letters. I am delighted that so many parents (and even a grandparent!) have taken part in this fun and important lesson with the students. Because we have been lucky enough to receive so many letters, it’s taking us a bit to read each letter and write back! But don’t worry- you’ll get a letter in the mail from all of us very soon :)

After vacation I’ll be sending home a new sign up sheet for parent reading! Parents are welcome to sign up for more than one visit. We love having you and it’s very exciting for the students.

Class photos and student work have been updated :)
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