I’m excited to announce that Allison DiDomenico has decided to extend her maternity leave- she’ll return next fall. I’m thrilled by this news and I look forward to continue teaching your children for the whole school year!

Last week we opened our class grocery store. It was a bit chaotic keeping our items “stocked” at first, but they’ve been having a great time pretending ther’re shopping... and trying to get each other to sniff the empty milk carton.

We also received letters from Max’s dad, Caleb’s mom and Angelina’s mom! The kids were so excited to open the letters and write back. We worked as a class to respond to the letters by talking about how to address an envelope, where to write the date, and what to write back. Everyone eagerly participated in answering the writer’s questions, and during center time kids volunteered to decorate the letters and envelopes.

We’ve been discussing what it means to be thankful during Thanksgiving time. We discussed how when we say we are thankful it is usually for something very important. My examples were things like our families, having a home, having food to eat, and having healthy bodies (which inspired Charlie to be thankful for his eyeballs ;) ). I wrote the students ideas on paper leaves which are now posted on the window next to our courtyard entrance.

Although conferences are over, please never hesitate to contact me with your concerns, questions, and comments. Conferences made me really reflect on every student’s personalities, abilities, and skills- and I feel so lucky, and thankful, to have such a wonderful group of students with such supportive families this year. I am very fortunate and grateful.

Pre-K is taking charge of the school’s food drive. We’ll be collecting items until winter break. Thank you so much to all of the generous donations we’ve received. Our goal is to collect 600 items- as of today, we’ve already collected over 100! In the next few days I’ll create a link on our website for the food drive with information about donations and what we’re doing in class alongside this project.

Friendly reminders:
Wednesday is pajama day.
Wednesday is also a half day.

I’ve forgotten my camera at school, so there are no picture updates today- but check back before Thanksgiving!
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