Happy New Year's!
We've been very busy in room 116! This month we're learning more about weather, especially wind and water. We've also started visiting the library on Thursday mornings to watch short informative videos, play interactive games, and answer questions all based on our Let's Find Out! subscription from Scholastic. We've also finally received the newsletters from Scholastic and have been using them in class. So far we've learned about animals during winter, Martin Luther King Jr., water and ice, and penguins. 
We are also continuing to learn about letters, letter sounds, and letter formation. Along with chanting the alphabet and reviewing letter cards, we also have been thinking of words that have the same beginning sounds or same ending sounds. We use Wikki Stix and letter cards to form letters, letter cookie cutters with play-doh, and our fingers in shaving cream, dishes of salt, and rice to properly form letters (always start at the top! ). While our focus on letter writing is capital letters, we have been using picture-word cards with lower case words to form words with magnet letters on baking pans. We'll continue to use our Handwriting Without Tears books to practice hand writing as well.
We will be adding another computer program to use in class called Type To Learn Jr. This is a typing program, but the goal is more to familiarize students with a keyboard and mouse as well as encourage letter recognition. Starfall will still be a choice for students to use as well.
In math we continue to practice counting backwards and forwards and to write our numbers. We also have been doing more simple addition and subtraction. We've made some graphs as a class. We continue to study shapes. We practice sequencing and math memory games as well. 
We also have four new students in our class! They have fins and gills and live in a tank on our science table . We made a chart about our minnows and worked together to create a list of rules for caring for the fish. Every day a new student will get a turn to feed the fish in the morning and afternoon. I'll be keeping a close watch on that tank for any, ahem, floaters... fortunately PetCo is only a 3 minute drive away .
Parents have been invited again to come read to the class! I sent home a notice today so please feel free to sign up for a time. Parents are welcome to pick more than one reading slot. We love having you!
I have an immense amount of photos to upload for the site- unfortunately I've been looking for my USB cord since Christmas and can't find it anywhere. I hope within the next week to borrow a friend's and have the pictures up on the site. I'll make a new post when they're up!
Keep warm during the snowstorm this weekend!
Ms. T
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