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We're off and running in merit class! 

Currently we're sharpening our thinking skills by solving some tricky toothpick puzzles.  We're also solving analogies, and students have begun creating some of their own. 

We constantly work to build vocabulary and improve comprehension by playing lots of word games during class.  We're having such a good time in class that many of the students don't realize they're even learning! :))

Students also wrote acrostic poems with the letters in their names or something/someone else special to them.  (A few of them wrote about their siblings.... and it was quite humorous to say the least!)

You've probably heard about Scarlet, our pet scarlet kingsnake... she lives in the terrarium in our classroom.  Nearly all (but not quite all) of the students have actually petted her while I've held her.  She stays underground most of the time, so they don't get to see her that often.

Well, more news to come --- be sure to mark your calendar for the picnic on the 30th!!

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  • Sheenah McCollins

    Mrs. Hwakins,
    I can feel the excitement that is going on in Merit. Jordan talks about Merit from the time he walks in the door until he goes to bed. He is really enjoying this class. Yes, we have heard about Scarlet, the snake. I am excited about all the wonderful and neat things that they will learning in this class and sharing it with us at home.

    8/18/2011 10:26:51 AM
  • Molly Hawkins

    Sheenah ~

    I really appreciate your kind words, and am so glad to hear that Jordan's enjoying class as much as I am! I'm so fortunate to get to teach a class that allows for so much variety, creativity, and all out fun! Looking forward to a wonderful year with these precious children!!

    Thanks again!
    ~ Molly

    8/21/2011 12:42:34 PM

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