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    Since Halloween is almost here, why don't we talk about Halloween this week?  Here is the question:
    ¿Qué te gusta hacer en el Día de Brujas? (What do you like to do on Halloween?)
    Some helpful vocabulary:
    llevar un traje=to wear a costume
    recoger dulces=to collect candy
    andar por el barrio=to walk around the neighborhood
    sortir por la noche=to go out at night
    You know how to say other related phrases in Spanish such as...
    to spend time with friends
    to eat candy and/or chocolate
    to write Halloween stories
    to listen to Halloween stories
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    POSTED AT 09:41 PM

    I hope you will enjoy responding to the question below:
    ¿Cuál es tu estación/deporte/animal/libro favorito? ¿Por qué? (Why?)
    You might want to respond with a different "favorite" each time you blog.
    For example, "Me gusta el verano porque (because) me gusta nadar.
    You might want to consider using the following vocabulary:
    Es interesante=it's interesting
    Es divertido/a=it's fun
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    POSTED AT 05:31 PM

    Here is a new question for the week:
    ¿Qué haces bien? (What do you do well?)
    For example, "Yo dibujo bien y nado bien también".
    If you want to say that you play a sport well, you must use "Juego bien al name of sport".
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    POSTED AT 02:18 PM

    Here is this week's question:
    ¿Cómo eres?
    You might want to consider using the following vocabulary in your answer:
    soy=I am
    un poco=a little bit
    a veces=sometimes, at times
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