At EARJ, we use the Everyday Math program. As the name implies, the students are exposed to concepts that they will use every day. The program "spirals" with the material and objectives to be learned. Skills are introduced and are constantly being reviewed for better understanding.

3rd Quarter Highlights:


Chapter 7:
 Exponential Notation
Scientific Notation
Addition and Subtraction of Negative Numbers

Chapter 8:
Comparing Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Chapter 9
Coordinate Graphs
Area of Rectangles and Triangles
Volume and Capacity


Did you know?
"Albert Einstein failed math, but eventually he fell in love with Math."

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Multiplying Mixed Numbers (Fractions)
Order of Operations (and solving for variables x and y) 

5th Grade - All Lessons for ALL UNITS!!

Extra Practice Problems

Everday Math (K-5th grade)
Gives links to websites and games that help with each chapter:


If you are looking for worksheets for more practice with things like multiplication take a look here.