For the next several months, we as a class will be following the 2008 Presidential Election.   We will be reading articles, watching debates, asking questions, and sharing thoughts about the process.  To get the conversation going, I would like each student to suggest a question that the candidates might discuss in their first debate.
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  • Janie Doe

    My question is: "Do you feel that all school children should have health insurance?"

    4/27/2008 11:35:51 PM
  • Johnny Doe

    My parents are wondering if mortgage rates will ever come down. What will you do to make housing affordable for all Americans?

    4/27/2008 11:36:58 PM
  • Mrs. Applebee

    These are good questions. Let's come up with some more!

    4/27/2008 11:39:01 PM
  • Bianca

    I think Barako Obama is ready to lead are country.I think he is ready for the country,and if Barako Obama wins he will be the first African American to become presidant of the USA, and if john Mcain wins there is no differnce.It is not because I am black because last year I wanted John Karry to win and he didn't.So it is not because of the color,I think he is ready for the USA.

    9/14/2008 5:06:48 PM
  • John Tyler

    Obama rocks he will definitely win!!!

    10/2/2008 5:37:06 PM
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    11/14/2008 6:41:25 PM
  • rodrickwimberly

    Obama RULES!!!

    12/5/2008 4:02:56 PM
  • jeff


    12/13/2008 9:09:56 PM

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