Now that we've returned from our tour of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, students will discuss what they've learned, what intrigued them, and what they would like to do next time.
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  • Suzy Student

    I liked the Van Gogh paintings the best. Seeing the in person was much better than seeing them in a book. You could see the brush strokes, and the heavy paint that he used. The colors were very bright.

    3/5/2008 11:15:47 AM
  • Johnny Student

    I mostly enjoyed the modern art that were not paintings, such as the exhibit of all the different chairs, and clocks. The helicopter was cool too.

    3/5/2008 11:16:52 AM
  • Molly Student

    I don't understand how a blank canvas with one red line going down it is considered art. Or the ones, like Jackson Pollack's, where it just looked like paint was thrown at the canvas.

    3/5/2008 11:18:25 AM
  • Mrs. Applebee

    Thank you for your comments, Johnny, Suzy and Molly. Which painting made you feel what you think the painter was feeling?

    3/5/2008 11:19:57 AM
  • joe

    I was very impressed with the trip

    3/8/2008 12:36:42 PM
  • Amanda


    10/22/2008 4:54:47 PM
  • John

    The trip was a blast! Can't wait to go again!

    6/1/2009 10:52:59 AM

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