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    This is a five-thousand ($5,000) scholarship per year (up to 4 years) total to each student selected. Remember this has to be to them by April 1st.

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    Students are invited to the College of Textiles Annual Open House this Saturday, March 21st from 10AM – 2PM. This is a great event to attend and learn more about our programs and resources available to students at NC State University.

    We will host a variety of information sessions throughout the day, along with the ability to witness our labs open and operating. There will also be continuous tours of the College throughout the day.

    If you or any of your students watch Shark Tank, you might have seen Sharon Bui, Co-President and Marketing Director of Frill, jump into the tank to pitch her company to the sharks. Attend Open House to hear about her experiences on Shark Tank and how being a textile graduate helped her throughout the process.

    Also, Dr. Renzo Shamey, professor and internationally renowned color scientist, will explain the science behind #TheDress. Is it blue and black or white and gold?

    Please take a look at our website to review our program and you can plan your day using the Guidebook App. We look forward to having you on campus and I look forward to meeting you.
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    HOBY’s flagship program, the State Leadership Seminar (LS), is designed to empower high school
    sophomores to recognize their leadership talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in
    their home, school, and community. Your high school’s selected student attends our three- or four-day
    seminar to participate in hands-on leadership activities, meet leaders in your state, and explore personal
    leadership skills, while learning how to lead others and make a positive impact in the community.
    Every spring, nearly 10,000 high school sophomores from across the country are chosen to represent their
    high schools in HOBY State Leadership Seminars. Your student will have a life-changing experience and
    develop leadership skills which will serve him/her long into the future!
    If you are interested please see your counselor!

    Log in to see your seminar date,
    location, and registration fee
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    The Shelton Challenge is a six-day residential experience to help students expand their knowledge and skills of what it takes to be a leader. Students will participate in activities that will help them have a greater understanding for: Personal Leadership Assessment and Interpersonal Dynamics; Role of Values and Ethics in Leadership; Leadership Traits and Approaches; Teambuilding and Empowering Others; Civic and Social Responsibility; and Goal Setting.
    Students also have the opportunity to participate in team building activities, low and high ropes courses, service project, and fun night activities to help students get to know others participating in the program.

    Requirements of participants:

    • Need to be going into the 9th to 12th grade (graduating seniors included)
    • GPA of 3.0 or better (If you do not meet this requirement and would like to still apply because you believe this will be a great program, please write a brief statement explaining your reasons)
    Camp Dates: June 21– 26, 2015
    Application Deadline : May 1, 2015
    Application and information : www.ncwc.edu/shelton-challenge
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    The Institute for Future Agriculture Leaders is a great opportunity for rising seniors. Please share this information with anyone you think would be interested. Applications are due to Randolph County Farm Bureau by March 31, 2015.


    Information below and at this link: http://www.ncfb.org/Programs/InstituteforFutureAgriculturalLeaders.aspx

    The application can be accessed online at this link: http://www.ncfb.org/Portals/0/pdf/programs_IFALApp.pdf


    What is IFAL?
    The Institute for Future Ag. Leaders (IFAL) is a week-long program for high school students interested in the industry of agriculture. Emphasis is placed on: career opportunities, emerging technology, citizenship and leadership development.

    When is IFAL?
    Both the IFAL at NC State University and at A&T State University are held the week of June 21-26, 2015.

    Who comes to IFAL?
    Rising high school seniors in the upper 1/3 of their classes who are interested in agriculture and recommended by their county Farm Bureau. Attendance is limited to 40 participants per conference.

    Students will visit the schools of agriculture, tour research farms and explore university laboratories. They will visit agribusinesses, participate in leadership development classes, tour the General Assembly, and see the offices of North Carolina Farm Bureau.

    Students will be supervised by conference counselors, university faculty and Farm Bureau staff. Students will experience college life firsthand, living in dorms and eating in dining halls on campus.

    How to Apply
    The IFAL Application is available online or at one from your local county Farm Bureau offices after January 5. Applications should be signed by county Farm Bureau presidents and delivered to your county office by March 31. There is no tuition cost. Additional conference details will be mailed to participants upon acceptance into the program. For more information, contact your county Farm Bureau or the Organization Department of North Carolina Farm Bureau at (919) 783-4326.


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    WHAT: Greater Raleigh National College Fair
    WHERE: Raleigh Convention Center
    WHEN: Tuesday, March 10  4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    COST: There is no charge to attend.

    HOW TO REGISTER: Students are highly encouraged to register online prior to coming to the fair. Registered students will receive a printable bar code that can be scanned by representatives from institutions that interest them. This enables them to spend more time connecting with representatives and less time waiting to register on site; it also eliminates the need to complete contact cards for each individual college or university. 

    Why should I attend the 2015 Greater Raleigh NACAC College Fair?

    • Students and families will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from nearly 200 colleges in North Carolina and across the country.
    • Students and families can attend special workshops on how to search for the best fit, application tips, essay writing and how to finance a college education.
    • A Counseling Center will be staffed throughout the fair to assist students and families with individual questions and concerns.
    • Attending the college fair is a great way to kick‐start your college search by gathering information and learning more about the college application process!
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    Ferree Scholarship & Loan Program

    A renewable scholarship of $2,000 per year is available for 1 student from PGHS if completing a four-year course of study or $1,500 during the second year of a two-year course of study at a Community College. The scholarship will be selected based on academic standing, character, leadership, financial need, and a demonstrated desire to be a useful and well-informed citizen.

          Students who apply and are not selected for the scholarship are eligible for a very low interest  

          Ferree loan. The maximum amount of the loan per year is $1,000 for students in 4 year college, and     

          $500 per year for community college. Please type the information in the form and save a copy.  

    The following items should be submitted with the application:   a current photo, high school transcript, and a copy of the first two pages of your parents’ 1040 tax form in a sealed envelope.

    Visit www.ferreefoundation.org for more information

    Deadline is April 10 at 8:30 a.m. to guidance (Please note:  The application is to be returned to PGHS Guidance, NOT the Ferree Foundation.  The date for return is different than what is on the App)

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    The Kiwanis Club of Asheboro

    Scholarship for students in Randolph County. They will award at least four scholarships this year valued at between $1,500 and $2,000. Students should be planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year college anywhere in the United States. The following criteria will be reviewed most heavily in this order:

    1) financial need; 

    2) scholarship and academic achievement, and

    3) community involvement

    Application is in the guidance office. 

    The deadline for application to be turned in to guidance is March 12.

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    Heels for Success is a one-day summer program to help academically-talented, rising sophomores and juniors prepare for college. Over the course of the day, students will learn techniques for approaching the ACT, explore the Carolina campus and its wide-ranging academic opportunities, as well as learn how to manage the college application process. They’ll also get the chance to connect with other outstanding students from across the country. This program is free to students, although we regret that we cannot provide transportation assistance.

    Who is eligible for nomination?
    Heels for Success is designed for high achieving rising sophomores and juniors from diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented students, first-generation college students, and those from rural areas or disadvantaged backgrounds. Students should be academically motivated, rank in the top 10% of their class, be enrolled in a curriculum that includes (or will include) AP/IB/dual enrollment courses, foreign language, and advanced mathematics. Heels for Success nominees should show active involvement in extracurricular activities and have demonstrated leadership.

    If you are interested please see your counselor and visit http://admissions.unc.edu/heels-for-success/

    Application deadline is March 7th.
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