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    Centennial Scholarship Nominations        

            Announcing the Centennial Scholarship competition for seniors interested in attending NC State University. More specifically, students in the interested in career fields such as engineering, business management, chemistry, polymer chemistry, forensics, medical fields, international studies, design, apparel, sourcing, fashion, merchandising or retail management...as these are some of the career areas graduates from the College of Textiles at NC State enter upon graduation. A degree in Textiles at NC State is not required to apply for the Centennial Scholarship, but will be required for students to receive the Centennial Scholarship or any College of Textiles’ scholarship.


            This scholarship program was created in 1999, with the first selection process beginning with the fall of 2000 freshman class. The Centennial Scholars program is named as such in recognition of the College of Textiles’ 100 year anniversary at NC State University. Due in large part to the North Carolina Textile Foundation, a private foundation originally comprised of textile companies based in North Carolina, approximately thirty scholarships will be awarded to freshmen entering the College of Textiles each year. Of these thirty scholarships, those with the greatest value will be our Centennial Scholarships. They will award up to ten Centennial Scholarships per year.

            Up to eight of our Centennial Scholarships are valued at $60,000 ($15,000/year for four years). These scholarships will cover approximately 70% of the basic in-state costs of attending NC State University and approximately 40% of the basic out-of-state costs of attending NC State University. One component that makes this scholarship program unique is that each Centennial Scholar will also have access to a $7,500 enrichment fund. The enrichment fund is designed to provide funding for our Scholars to participate in a variety of leadership, language immersion, career exploration and international Textile-related programs that will complement their study of Textiles.


            Beginning in 2014, they introduced a new category of Centennial Scholarship known as the Distinguished Centennial Scholarship. Currently, they will award two of these new scholarships each year…the ITT/Roger Milliken Centennial Scholarship that is valued at $22,000/year and the W. Duke Kimbrell Centennial Scholarship which is valued at $20,000/year, making these new scholarships full scholarships for in-state students and 70% full scholarships for out-of-state students!

            Like other programs of this caliber, they are not looking for masses to apply. However, PGHS gets to nominate 2 students. If your student is interested in being considered please have them to complete the preliminary scholarship application that is in guidance or the one that was emailed. Submit it application to guidance by October 17th.

            The student should apply to NCSU on or before October 15th to be considered for this scholarship.

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