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    GALS is a free summer science program in the Pisgah National Forest for 8 high school girls. Over the course of 13 days, girls will learn ecology, earth science, and chemistry through exploring their surroundings with scientists from Duke University. GALS provides girls with the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in science and experiential education while immersed in a supportive community of peers.
    GALS strives to cultivate a passion for environmental science, develop leadership abilities, enhance critical thinking skills, and promote teamwork in each participant. The program consists of formal scientific instruction, informal environmental investigation and experimentation, and small group discussions – all while backpacking through the beautiful Pisgah National Forest. In addition to engaging in science, girls participate in discussions on environmental ethics and have opportunities for environmental journaling, reflection, and art. Girls are encouraged to push themselves outside their comfort zones and to try new activities, while simultaneously gaining self-awareness and self-confidence. While the entire team consists of 8 girls, every night we will break into smaller groups for reflection activities and leadership development.
    GALS will be held on June 11-23, 2017. Applications consist of a questionnaire and 2 letters of recommendations. Applications are currently open and will close on March 10. More information can be found at sites.duke.edu/gals .
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    North Carolina Triangle
    All Service Academy Student Information Session

    Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Cardinal Gibbons High School Theater, 1401 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh NC 27607

    For High School students and their parents who are interested in paid college and career opportunities who have strong academics, sports, physical fitness, and extra-curricular activity preparation…and must pass a medical examination.

    Registration begins at 9:00 AM. Video and presentations will begin at 10:00 AM by each Academy Representative.

    Requirements and Qualifications to be competitive

    The Challenge & Opportunity – Academics – Athletics

    Military Traditions & Environment during the Academic Year

    Summers filled with Military Training & Travel

    Most Academies are full scholarship with pay – Career Opportunities

    Congressional Staff Remarks Relative to Nominations

    Cardinal Gibbons High School is across the street from the PNC Arena. After the presentations and Q&A, we will adjourn to the tables where you can ask questions to the Academy representatives and Nomination Staff. Snacks and refreshments will be provided by Academy Parents.

    Local Academy Point of Contact Reps:


    Focal Point

    Telephone Nr

    Email address

    U.S. Military Academy

    Mr. Rick de Moya

    (910) 769-5237


    U.S. Naval Academy

    Mr. Mike Roberts

    (303) 638-7560


    U.S. Air Force Academy

    Col Brian Doyle

    (919) 740-7271


    U.S. Coast Guard Academy

    Mrs. Jeanne Herman

    (919) 467-7960


    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

    ChE Craig Fishbough

    (352) 514-5880



    Please email the requested information below by February 10th to John Jones, johnfjones963@gmail.com. For easy identification, please use the SUBJECT Line: "2017 All Academy Student Reply" and include the following information in the body: Student Name, Phone Number, Email Address, High School Graduation Year, High School, Home Town, and Number Attending.
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    The “best” summer opportunity awaits current high school juniors on the campus of Appalachian State University. The Martha Guy Summer Institute for Future Business Leaders (MGSI) has a solid, 13-year history of inspiring students through exploration of the business world, and we are now accepting applications for our 2017 Cohort.

    Unique aspects of MGSI

    · Unlike most summer opportunities, MGSI combines a residential experience with out of state travel. Following two weeks on campus at Appalachian State University, the program concludes with a week of travel to various business and cultural/entertainment sites.

    · Each MGSI class is small. Twenty-four students are selected. The group size provides a much more intimate, personal experience for each participant.

    · It is quite affordable considering the extensive travel, excursions and activities; tuition is $1,800 plus a meal plan fee of $350.

    **Need-based scholarships are available to qualified applicants.

    Which students are well suited for MGSI?

    · We are seeking students who have a sincere interest in business as a college major and demonstrate leadership potential. Some candidates have an entrepreneurial spirit, or have unique or extensive part-time work experience. Also consider your most competitive students among under-represented groups and populations. Interested students should demonstrate academic achievement.

    · Students who embrace and appreciate new people, opportunities and experiences are ideal for MGSI. They should also be well-prepared to be away from home and able to manage a demanding schedule.

    · Application deadline is February 24th 2017

    Please offer this opportunity to current juniors – only current juniors are accepted for this program.

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    What if your summer could look like this?

    The Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program is a life-changing experience that gives high school students the chance to try out potential careers, experience college life, make lifelong friends, and establish connections that will make an indelible impact on their future.

    With nine institutes to choose from, there's something for everyone! Whatever the dream, we have a program that allows high school students to dive in and experience the real world this summer.


    Academic Discovery
    Biosciences and Engineering
    Business & Entrepreneurship
    Sports Marketing
    Sports Medicine

    What You Will Experience

    Students can experience virtual surgery in the Medicine Institute, or talk with ESPN executives about careers in the Sports Marketing Institute. They'll make powerful closing arguments in moot court during the Law Institute, or take control of a robot programmed at the Technology Institute. During the Biosciences and Engineering Institute students will explore the building blocks of science or learn the process of prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletes in the Sports Medicine Institute. Satiate your entrepreneurial thirst during the Business Institute, or further develop your self, social and cultural awareness throughout the Leadership Institute. For an academically rich, in-depth, two week program, rooted in the liberal arts, students enrolled in the the Academic Discovery Institute can reap the benefits of working closely with Wake Forest professors.

    Enrollment is limited and by application only. Learn more about the Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program and apply today!

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