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     Guys, write what you think about the books your are reading here!


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     I just read this wonderful book. I wasn't sure I would like a book about football, but I was pleasantly surprised. Have you ever felt people just blew you off and didn't take you seriously? I could just feel Troy's frustration when people didn't believe in him.  The funniest thing is that I was reading it while my family watched the Dallas Cowboys play.  About the time I read about the Cowboy player, Barber, in the book, there he was bigger than life making a play on the television.  
    The Cowboys game and reading about the Falcons and Cowboys at the same time really brought the characters to life!

    I also met Tim Green, the author of Football Genius, at the Texas Library Association Conference last spring.  His presentation was very sincere and heartwarming.  Manor Middle School students are in for a treat when he comes to visit us in March!  Enjoy, Mrs. Bingham