Philosophy & Goals


Creating Learning Opportunities and Understanding Differences in Students

Our Philosophy

The Etiwanda Preschool Program (C.L.O.U.D.S.) is an important building block for each student's successful journey through school. Optimum growth for a child evolves from positive, supportive, responsive, and individualized instruction and relationships with adults and peers including parent support throughout learning. Self-esteem, social skills, and intellectual development blossom in an inclusive environment using developmentally appropriate activities that guide students to be actively involved in exploration, discovery, and play. Guidance techniques must be positive and accompanied by rational explanations of expectations. Our preschool staff is trained in early childhood growth and development and skilled at teaching young students the skills they will need as they transition to kindergarten and beyond. The Etiwanda Preschool Program (C.L.O.U.D.S.) believes in the dignity of each individual, student and adult, and the provision of a safe, healthful, and comfortable learning environment.


To meet to needs of individual students and promote success in language, preacademic, and social development within a safe, positive, and inclusive learning environment free from discrimination. To maintain consistent communication with parents, staff, and the community regarding ways to better assist our students. To prepare each student for the transition to kindergarten.


Fees pertain to general education preschool students only. There is a $20 per day, non-refundable participation fee for each student. This fee is due and payable to the Preschool Office located within the Etiwanda Education Center on the first scheduled preschool day of each month. Non-payment will result in non-attendance until the account is paid up to date. Payment is due regardless of family vacation or absence. Non-sufficient fund fees are assessed for all returned checks.