Attention Students:  The information below pertains to the 2016-2017 school year.

I have a new website which is live for the 2017-2018 school year.  That web address is

June has arrived; final exams for seniors have begun, and we have only four short days before the school year is in the history books.  

I am very busy with end-of-the-semester grading, and updates are happening frequently.  I encourage parents and student alike to  
check the Aeries system for updates in 4th Quarter percentages.  Students and/or parents who have concerns or questions regarding grades should get in touch with me promptly.  

Final Exams are very important to students as performance on the end-of-the-semester assessment often affects a student's semester grade significantly.  I calculate semester grades as follows:

40% 3rd Quarter Grade
40% 4th Quarter Grade
20% Final Exam
100% 2nd Semester (permanent transcript) Grade

In Sophomore English, I have the pleasure of working with Ms. Chelsea Slater, a credential candidate through UC's Berkeley's Multicultural Urban Secondary English program.  Ms. Slater will be working primarily with Sophomore English students, periods 1 & 2, but she will also be observing in my other classes periodically. Important:  Ms. Slater continues to offer instruction in Sophomore English intermittently.  Students and parents may, of course, continue to talk with me about class, but in terms of questions regarding the lessons themselves, you may reach Ms. Slater through school email: 

Sophomore English, Periods 1 & 2:
Students should be preparing for the multiple choice section of their Final Exam.  A Final Exam Overview sheet was distributed in class on block, outlining the different units/assignments which will appear on the final exam.  The students' best study tool is their Sophomore English binder, and the more organized the binder is, the more helpful it will be to them as they review.  

Ms. Slater and I are in the process of assessing each student's 2nd Semester Portfolio Project (turned in a week and half ago), which includes the final draft of a piece of writing which each student writer read in the Author's Chair.  As a reminder, the Portfolio Project is worth 50% of the 2nd Semester Final Exam, or 10% of the Semester Grade.

Honors American Literature, Period 3:
Last Friday students turned in their Moment Reflections on  The Laramie Project, the award-winning play by Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project, which comprised our final unit of the school year.  

We are continuing to hear final drafts of students' creative writing in the Author's Chair.  Reading in the Author's Chair is part of the Writing Portfolio Project, worth 25% of the students' Final Exam grade.  

At this point in time, each student should be preparing for the multiple choice section of the Final Exam. A Final Exam Overview sheet was distributed in class on block, outlining the different units/assignments which will appear on the final exam. The students' best study tool is their H Am Lit binder.  A suggested focus area this weekend is the Grammar/Vocabulary and Class Writing section.  Last week, students were directed to review the literature of this past semester.  

In addition to studying for the multiple choice section of the Final Exam, students should be writing a Reflective Letter to me, Ms. LePell, looking back on their experiences this past year in H Am Lit.  Content requirements for the letter are outlined on the Final Exam Overview sheet.  Reflective Letters are due on Final Exam Day, Wednesday, June 7th.  

Multicultural Literature, Periods 6 & 7
Students received a Final Exam Overview on block this past week.  Students should be studying for the multiple choice test, covering all of the major units of the past semester.  The Multiple Choice test is worth 75% of his/her  Semester Exam Grade.

The Prolific Writing Projects have been submitted.  The Prolific Writing Project counts for 25% of his/her Semester Exam Grade.