About the Teacher

Name: Sue Han

Courses: Integrated 2 and PreCalculus

Email: shan@cv.k12.ca.us

School Phone: 510-537-5910 ext.3308 (Castro Valley High School)

    I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I studied biology in Seoul National
University, and met my husband there. After we married, we came to America so
that my husband could attend graduate school at UC Berkeley. We now have two
kids, both graduated from Castro Valley High, one at Harvard Law School and
one at UC Berkeley. We have a gigantic fish tank, a garden we are constantly
ripping up and remodeling, a dog named Totoro, and far too many textbooks.
    I earned my teaching credential and master degree in the University of
Phoenix, but still make some mistakes on the board, so please pay attention to
find my mistakes. I have been teaching math at Castro Valley High since 2007
and I look forward to working with you for this exciting year.