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Please note: This website will not be available after December 31, 2017 as Teacherweb.com is being fully discontinued.

As a result - all information for the 2017-2018 school year can be accessed at our new site: at: 

Welcome to our Website - your first stop for all information regarding our classroom! 

Our Wish and Supply List can be found by using the link to the left.

You can find our Classroom Wish List on Amazon as well at: Wish List


Throughout the year, I will be asking students to bring in 'saved items' for use during STEAM activities. I will send out a Dojo request as well. These will range from empty plastic water bottles to paper towel rolls. Empty Amazon delivery boxes make great building tools.

Please note: We are 34 students in a small classroom. Backpacks must fit into student cubbies. Backpacks that do not fit into cubbies will be stored outside in our hallway. Students will need to bring the following items with them daily: a notebook(see Supply list), small pencil box, their lunch, and perhaps a library book. On rare occasions, students may need to take home a Science or Social Studies book. All math and reading texts are online. Thank you for your understanding - I am trying to maximize classroom space for groupings and research activities.

This year, I am using Class Dojo as a communication and management tool. Students can earn classroom privileges through the accumulation of  classroom tickets. These incentives might include: lunch with a friend in the classroom, extra computer time, a homework pass, sitting next to a friend, small toy, ring pop, etc... At this point, I am hoping to eliminate the "Walk of Shame" to a wall of discipline and instead work proactively with students should they not abide by our Working Agreements. Students will be given a card on his/her desk that will ask him/her to speak to me when we have some open time concerning the behavior choice rather than flipping a card . Please note that this will occur after at least two verbal warnings. ClassDojo is for communication purposes - most students at one time or another during the school year will receive both positive and not so positive recognition. They are kids - making mistakes and learning from them is part of growing up. This communication tool gives us the opportunity to work as a team. Parents will receive frequent text or email updates regarding our classroom activities by signing up with Class Dojo, along with access to our class story. Sign up information will be sent home the first day of school and will be available at Back to School Night.

This website is the best way to stay up with what we have going on in class. I make every attempt to update our website weekly.

Have fun looking at our site!

Together, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of children!