Class Rules and Policies

Welcome to a new school year! It is imperative that all students be given the opportunity to learn.

Therefore, the following class rules will be in place for the success of all our students:

1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

3. No Put Downs of any kind: this include cyber put-downs.

4. Be ready to learn everyday - in other words: Be on time and have

   all needed materials.

To encourage students to follow our class rules, I will support appropriate behavior with praise, positive notes, classroom privileges, phone calls home, and Barton Bear Hugs. In addition, the class will develop Working Agreements for use in various situations such as small group work, whole group, and working with partners.

Serious Offenses as noted in the Barton Parent Handbook will warrant an

immediate office referral.

Parents will receive daily feedback via ClassDojo regarding their child's behavior upon signing up with a text number.

Please be assured that my goal is to work with parents to enable all of the students in my class to maximize their

potential. We are all on the same 

Grading Policy

Students are assigned class and homework meant to provide an ongoing evaluation of their skills. Students will also be

given periodic quizzes and 
tests to determine their mastery of academic skills and to determine extra instruction needed.

Grading is done on a percentage basis as follows:

96 - 100 = A+
93 - 95 = A
90-92 = A-

86-89 = B+
83-85 = B
80-82 = B-

76-79 = C+
73-75 = C
70-72 = C-

66-69 = D+
63-65 = D
60-62 = D-

59 and below = F(Students will not receive under a 59% if there has been effort made on an assignment. Only missing work will count as a zero)

A Monday/Wednesday recess tutoring session is available to assist students who are struggling. Students who have

scored below a 70% on assignments are strongly 
encouraged to take advantage of tutoring that is available. Students who

not turn in assignments may also use this time to redo/makeup their work. Most assigned work is for practice and

review(formative assessment) only. Not a
ll assignments will be entered into my gradebook. Please contact me - if you

have any questions or concerns. Parents may access my gradebook online at: Parent Connect. You may link to Parent

Connect through our school website. Each parent has been provided a 
login and password. I strongly encourage you to

check your child's grades on 
a weekly basis. Please contact me; I can be emailed directly through Parent Connect

if you have any questions or concerns. 

Homework Policy

It is important that we practice the skills we have been taught in order to facilitate the long-term retention of those skills.

Homework consists of 30 minutes of nightly reading, math practice on-line, and blogging using our Let's Talk About It,, or Edublog. Parents have access to and may even be invited to participate in some of our blogs. Our Storybird

and Edublog are protected so that only students in our class have access. Let's Talk About It is linked through our class

website and only student first names are used. Stories written by students on are available to parents by

download or printing through the website fundraising tab. Thirty percent comes back to our class!

Please note that your child will have homework Monday thru Thursday and occasionally on Friday for project work. 

Missing Homework will result in the following effort grades on your child's report card:

0-3 Missing Assignments ....... O

4 -  Missing Assignments ....... S+

5 - Missing Assignments ........S

6-7 Missing Assignments ........S-

8 + Missing Assignments ........N

All students with missing homework will be given the opportunity to make up the work at recess. A "missing notation" will only be entered should a student not use this opportunity.

If there is a valid reason why your child did not complete his/her homework, ie. illness, family emergency, please send a

note to school with your child. 
Team practices, etc... are not excused but I will work around your schedule

if there is a conflict I am made aware of. Also, should there be a problem with the amount of time that your child is

spending on homework, please let me know. In fourth grade, 30 - 40 minutes each night of steady work on homework is

appropriate. This is in 
addition to any long-term projects. Students who are working steadily on long-term projects should

have no more than 30 additional minutes of additional homework. Class time is also allotted to assist students in the

planning, technology skills and time-management needed when completing projects.  Long-term projects include: California

Reports - August: Expert Reports - September, October, January, April, May;  Science Fair projects - November, December,

Mission Projects - Mid-February through March. 

Our FAQ page contains many answers to questions that may come up during the 
school year. Questions not answered on

the FAQ page can be addressed by emailing me directly through this website at or by

calling at (951) 736-4545. Phone calls are returned Mondays and Thursdays from 2:20 - 3:30. Parent conferences need to be

arranged ahead of time - I am available both before and after-school for conferences.  Emails are returned daily between the

hours of 6:30am and 4:30pm - Monday through Friday. 

I'm looking forward to a great school year!

Jennifer Garcia