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Access all the sites we use regularly at our class Symbaloo page

Kids interview some of the world's most important and interesting people. 

A great stop for all things in Gifted Education including reading lists 
for Gifted Kids

This is our weekly blog site where we discuss books and answer questions 
related to our comprehension 
lessons for the week. Remember to add your own entry and comment on two 
other entries each week. Use 
appropriate, respectful and helpful comments only.
Our Edublog Page - Let's Talk Books

Keep up with our Class and Student Stories through ClassDojo
Class Dojo

Students need to use this link to access our Storybird page. 

Follow this link to our classroom newletters online component. This is a 
great resource when completing any of our Social Studies reports.
California Social Studies Newsletter

Go to this website to review in all subject areas.

Great resource for academic games

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     
School Library     Local Public Library