Mr. Loudon

NAME: Don Loudon

SCHOOL: Cooley Middle School

CLASS: 6th Grade - Math and Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 771-1745 x 177

About The Teacher

Dear Parents,

I graduated from University of California at Berkeley and started out majoring in mathematics. 
However, I eventually switched to Physical Geography and Sociology, earning Bachelor’s Degrees in 
both disciplines. I completed my teaching credential from the University of Phoenix with a 
specialization in teaching Kindergarten through eighth grade. I also have Crosscultural, Language 
and Academic Development (CLAD) and English Learner Authorization (ELA) certification. 

I grew up in far northern California and worked on ranches (yes, I was a cowboy) in the summers to 
pay my way through college. I have been teaching all my life, but I have not always been a teacher. I 
have had a variety of careers: landscaper, retail manager (office supplies, Lumberjack, Aaron 
Brothers,) and now a teacher. I have enjoyed every job (well, not cleaning gutters on houses) and I 
have learned new things in every job. 

I have just gone through the middlle school years with my son who is now in high school so I have a 
little idea of what lies ahead for the parents of middle schoolers. It is often hard to remember that 
your student is only 11, 12 or 13 when they sometimes start to act much older. If it is difficult for 
you, just think, they have never been through this before! This can be a wonderful time when your 
student starts to see the world from a different point of view. Scary for both you and them, but also a 
lot of fun.

I have been teaching at Cooley Middle School since 2005 and I absolutly love being here. I have a 
love for math and science and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. Hopefully, 
your child will someday feel the same, but if not, perhaps they will not think of it as tedious and just 
something to get through. 

Homework is where you practice and reinforce what we learn in class and is an important part of 
learning. It also lets me know what your child does and does not understand so we can work on
specific areas of need. You can help by checking for effort and encouraging them to do their best. 

I look forward to working with your child to achieve success and meeting each and every one of 
you. Please feel free to call me before or after school, come in after school, or email me. I will gladly 
meet with you or have a phone/email conversation to discuss any questions or concerns you may 
have. I live here in Roseville and I often run into my students and their families around town. Please 
feel free to come up and say hello and ask me any questions you may have. 

Don Loudon

Enthusiasm for Learning

To enthusiastically  approach learning by celebrating our successes and learn from others by respecting 
and listening to their points of view.