Username:  Student ID (6-digits)
Password:   Student's Birthday (March 5, 2003 would be 2003-03-05): Must
include dashes (no spaces).
*Single digit months and days need to have the zero in front of them.

It will have you set a new password right away.  I recommend using your
birthday in the following format: MM-DD-YYYY.  
The above birthday would be entered as: 03-05-2003. You can also sign up to
receive emails showing your child's grades!!
Online Parent Gradebook Access

To check how many AR points your child currently has. Username is their ID
number and Password is their birthday (March 5, 1997 would be 03/05/97).  You
can also sign up to receive emails showing your child's quiz or test results!!
Renaissance Home Connect

Book Finder-check books' reading levels and points

Parents order books online through Scholastic- order code is GXMZL

Word Central-Dictionary


Greek Myth for cyber reading students

Building of Pyramids

Explore a Pyramid

Artifacts inside King Tut's tomb

King Tut webquest

Hieroglyphics translator 

Online Egypt Activites

Mummification Site



Apostrophe Game


Figurative Language Definitions

Cross Word Puzzle Maker

Just enter a book title you love and it suggests 20 books it thinks you will like. 

Turn Poetry Writing into a Heart- Perfect for Gift from the Heart

Website that allows you chose your shape and fill it with words. Perfect for
Gift From the Heart-
Adjective page

Virtual Mummy