Mr. Bourne's 5th Grade Class of 2014

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Braino Bonus - Nov. 11

Question Last Updated: 11-11-2013
Anyone can answer the question. If you answer correctly, your name will be posted on this web page. If you're an ex-student of mine, please let me know the year you were in my class. Prizes will be awarded in class.

A = # of points for a touchdown
B = # of limbs on a douroucouli
C = year Christopher Columbus was born
D = # of squares on a chess board
E = Mr. Bourne's room #

Solve :  (C - E) - (D x B) - (A2 x B2) = ?

The first 5 students to e-mail Mr. Bourne with the correct answer will earn a bonus in class.

The first 5 students to respond with the correct answers are:
1. Adil M.
2. Jalissa C.

Current students, ex-students, and others answering the question above:
A. Zoe F. (Class of 2011)

Winners of the previous Braino Bonus question:
1. Ian L.
2. Stephan F.
3. DJ S.
4. Adil M.
5. Destiny Z.

A. Donye D. (Class of 2011)
B. Dinah H. (Class of 2013)
C. Diane N. (Class of 2013)

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