Mr. Bourne's 5th Grade Class of 2015

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Braino Bonus 10/4

Question Last Updated: 10/4/2014
Anyone can answer the question. If you answer correctly, your name will be posted on this web page. If you're an ex-student of mine, please let me know the year you were in my class. Prizes will be awarded in class.

A = the year the Angels last won the World Series
B = the year the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series
C = the # of points for a touchdown
D = Mr. Bourne's classroom #

(A-B) + (D-C2) = ?


The first 5 students to e-mail Mr. Bourne with the correct answer will earn a bonus in class.

The first 5 students to respond with the correct answers are:
1. Joshua H.
2. Jena C.
3. Kaitlyn C.
4. Daniel K.

Current students, ex-students, and others answering the question above:

Winners of the previous Braino Bonus question:
1. Alexis B.
2. Joshua H.
3. Daniel K.
4. Jena C.
5. Chris G.
A. Amber E. (Class of 2009)
B. Jenna S. (Class of 2012)

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