Extra Credit...

Extra! Extra! Extra Credit... Read all about it!

Language Arts:

Option #1: Accelerated Reader
Take an AR test on a book at your reading level.  Remember to
receive extra credit, you need to receive a passing score (70% or
higher).  Also, four tests are required for your Language Arts
grade in Trimester #1, at least two book being non-fiction.  Anything
above and beyond this will factor in as extra-credit.  Please note
that picture books will not count towards extra-credit in Language


Social Studies:

Option #1:
Students will create a PowerPoint presentation or Google Slide Presentation for the AcademicVocabulary and Content Vocabulary of the Social Studies Section of study prior to the class reading each section within a chapter. 

The slides should have the following information for each term:
1. Word
2. Definition from Social Studies book
3. The vocabulary word used in a sentence that demonstrates understanding and proper conventions (create your own)
4. A picture (clip art) used to describe/illustrate the word. 
5. Please use a legible font and background.
6. Print as a hand-out page with no more than 3 slides per page. You can print in color or black and white.
7. Turn in your extra-credit to the green basket each Monday prior to the reading of the section in class.

If there are questions, please see me.  This is an excellent way to pre-read the chapter and prepare yourself
for the reading of each section.  It also familiarizes you with the key vocabulary terms for each chapter.

Option #2:
Students may go to ca.hss.glencoe.com to complete the various web-
activities for each section of study as we are reading it in class. 
Also, the week of, or the weeek following a Chapter test, students may
take the chapter assessment on-line. When finished, please check the
answers and print out the score.