Holt Spelling Words

Spelling words will be assigned on a weekly basis.  Students receive a hand-out on Monday and need to complete two activities for homework on Monday evening.  On Tuesday, the hand-out is turned in.  Because students need access to the weekly spelling words, please see the lists below.  There will be a weekly spelling test.

For practice and mastery of the word list throughout the week, students may log on to Spelling City (see my Language Arts links page) to play games, re-learn the lesson, and take their spelling pre-test every Thursday evening. :)

Lesson 1- Base Word Families:
family, familiarize, amusing, amusement, discomfort, uncomfortable, annoying, annoyance, undecided, indecision, pure, purify, impurity, destroy, indestructible, destruction, sensitivity, accountability, responsibility, tolerance.

Lesson 2- Frequently Misspelled Words- Suffixes
acceptable, basically, servant, collectible, performance, useful, washable, exactly, emotional, upward, imaginary, engineer, regularity, naturally, measurement, cautious, suspenseful, musical, approachable, rational.

Lesson 3- Number Prefixes
multicolor, monotone, unity, decade, pentagon, divide, kilogram, unicycle, multimedia, biweekly, centipede, triangle, millennium, century, octopus, monorail, monotheism, uniform, unique, octagon.

Lesson 4- Negative Prefixes
dishonest, unwilling, antidote, nonsense, malfunction, disappear, unimportant, inactive, unfathomable, irrational, impossible, misadventure, unruly, devalue, illogical, nonfiction, illegal, nonrefundable, discourteous, unremarkable.

Review Unit 1: Spelling words will be Lesson #1-4. 

Lesson 6- Frequently Misspelled Words: Prefixes
middle, midnight, midday, midtown, midsummer, misstep, mischief, misbehave, misstate, misspell, coincide, coordinate, collaborate, coherent, cooperate, cosign, midweek, misunderstand, cohesive, coincidence.

Lesson 7- Homophones and Their Spelling Challenges
week, weak, steel, steal, grown, groan, guest, guessed, creek, creak, weather, whether, sore, soar, stake, steak, there, their, they're, wait, weight.

Lesson 8- Unusual Plurals
goldfish, trout, moose, cactus, media, fungi, bacteria, stimulus, stimuli, larvae, radius, nucleus, nuclei, species, salmon, hippopotamus, woman, women, cacti, fungus.

Lesson 9- Irregular Verbs
fight, fought, crept, taught, break, broke, hidden, meant, slept, spoken, sewn, built, chosen, write, written, tore, frozen, spoke, caught, wept.

Lesson 10- Easily Confused Words
later, latter, except, accept, angle, angel, costume, custom, affect, effect, adopt, adapt, device, devise, decent, descent, advice, advise, desert, dessert.

Review Unit 2: Spelling words will be Lesson 6-10. 

Lesson 12- Changing y to i
cities, mummies, supplies, families, varied, centuries, colonies, applies, occupied, identified, enemies, activities, denied, allied, industries, qualified, studied, discoveries, duties, worried.

Lesson #13: Frequently Misspelled Words: Consonant Doubling
access, rubble, fulfill, grubby, commercial, opposition, referred, essential, additional, efficiency, exaggerate, hollow, cannon, possess, attune, pattern, bubble, address, summer, dessert.

Lesson #14: Spelling Patterns VC/CV Words
pillow, indeed, monster, fifteen, escape, gotten, velvet, engine, insist, admire, index, intense, further, frantic, convince, instinct, commute, trolley, dolphin, hornet.

Lesson #15: Spelling Patterns V/CV Words
Friday, apron, motive, meter, agent, evil, local, eager, famous, fiber, razor, vital, rival, basis, cheetah, scenic, depot, hotel, motion, vocal.

Lesson #16: Adding -ed and -ing
lifted, cooling, pointed, returned, speaking, spelling, wondered, bragged, healed, scrubbed, answered, threatened, admitted, committed, referring, preferred, concurring, acquitted, dreamed, telling.

Review Unit 3: Spelling words will be Lesson 12-16

Lesson #18: Noun Suffix -ance/ -ence
importance, entrance, difference, independence, insurance, conference, ambulance, absence, instance, audience, allowance, intelligence, assurance, appearance, obedience, presence, distance, circumference, performance, fragrance.

Lesson #19: Noun Suffixes -ship, -ment, -ity
statement, friendship, leadership, partnership, activity, ability, argument, personality, electricity, championship, community, majority, responsibility, curiosity, necessity, authority, hardship, tournament, creativity, appointment.

Lesson #20: Prefix as- (ac-, as-, af-, ap-)
appointed, accident, affair, assembly, approach, accuse, applause, affection, accompany, assign, appreciate, accurate, association, apparent, accustomed, assistance, accent, assemble, affluent, appease.

Lesson #21: Prefix com- (con-)
conviction, commanded, commonly, considered, continued, commander, commit, constitution, confusing, commence, commotion, commercial, communicate, communities, communication, committee, communism, commonwealth, conform, conduct.

Lesson #22: Unstressed Ending -ant/-ent
absent, important, current, president, elephant, confident, instant, element, servant, excellent, opponent, permanent, assistant, innocent, significant, sufficient, elegant, magnificent, immigrant, descendant.

Unit #4 Review Test: Lessons 18- 22

Lesson #24: Mixed Spelling Patterns
banner, platform, hotel, funnel, habit, display, clever, gather, empty, chaos, suspense, Saturn, oval, orphan, fatal, crystal, bottom, sonar, tribune, trial.

Lesson #25: More Frequently Misspelled Words
attic, settlement, collage, opponent, recess, according, appetizing, brought, eaten, broken, midair, misspoke, midday, misfit, coexist, cooperative, appetizer, settler, they're, their, there.

Lesson #26: Adjective Suffixes -ive, -ous
positive, attractive, effective, various, curious, tremendous, enormous, obvious, delicious, mysterious, executive, creative, fabulous, legislative, negative, sensitive, gorgeous, active, passive, obnoxious.

Lesson #27: Words with Prefixes and Suffixes
unlikely, repayment, reaction, replacement, unpredictable, disagreement, renewal, unemployment, unexpectedly, unfortunately, unusually, reproduction, reconstruction, disagreeable, unsuccessful, uncomfortable, reinforcement, unhealthful, disorderly, insufferable.

Unit #5 Review Test: Lessons 24-27

Lesson #29: Suffixes in Combination:
carefully, ownership, faithfully, peacefully, wonderfully, thoughtfully, relationship, respectively, naturally, nervously, gracefully, actively, joyfully, beautifully, successfully, accidentally, fearfully, joyously, incidentally, relatively.

Lesson #30: Prefix in- (im-, il-, ir-)
incomplete, informal, incorrect, independent, illegal, impolite, impossible, invisible, irregular, inexpensive, impure, inability, impatient, indigestion, indefinite, incredible, improper, inappropriate, illogical, irrepressible.

Lesson #31: Latin Roots -scrib-/-script-/-spect
inspect, suspect, scribe, script, descriptive, description, prescribed, inspector, spectacle, spectacular, scribbled, inscription, subscription, spectrum, spectators, transcript, manuscript, subscribe, respectful, prescription.

Lesson #32: Latin Roots -rupt, -ject
objected, projected, objections, projections, erupt, abrupt, bankrupt, inject, disrupting, disruption, eject, reject, rejected, rupture, corrupt, interrupt, project, object, eruption, subjection.

Unit 6 Review: Lessons #29-32