Weekly Announcements

     If you have not subscribed to the News Flash 1 on my Teacher Web, 
please do so as it will update you of upcoming dates and events within 

What are we working on?: 

     In Language Arts,we will begin studying "Aesop's Fables". Students will 
be working with theme.  In addition, students should be finishing their 
fourth AR book for trimester #3.  The fourth test is due on 5/11. For 
Trimester #3 AR: All tests must be completed by 5/11 to be factored in to 
Trimester #3. Some recommendations are the texts: Percy Jackson series, 
Ancient Greece or Roman non-fictional books.  The Lightning Thief books will 
be returned on May 9th as students are using for their Museum Display 

     The requirements for Trimester #3 are that each student reads four 
Accelerated Reader (AR) books within their reading range.  Each student
received their current STAR reading level the first week of school.  
At the beginning of the year, your child will also be given the access 
information for Renaissance Home Connect. This link will make you aware of 
your child's testing progress, as well as, it will allow you to check if a 
book is Accelerated Reader.  All tests need to be passed with a 70% or 

     Remember, two books need to be non-fiction and two books need to be 
fiction. Students will record their AR reading on their AR Index card 
located in the classroom.  Prior to beginning a book, make sure to check 
if there is an AR test so that there are no surprises on test day. :) Once 
they take their test, it is the student's responsibility to record their 
score and book information on their AR index card.  All AR Tests will be 
entered in to Aeries by the Friday following the scheduled test date.  
Please see the Accelerated Reader tab for detailed information regarding 

     To support the above reading, students are expected to read 20 
minutes a night. Students must successfully pass the AR test with a 70% or 
better. Please ensure that your child is reading a book within their 
reading level.  Students will be able to take tests in the library or in 
my room during class time.  

     In Social Studies, students will take an open book test on Chapter 11.  
Students can complete the Chapter 11 Web Quiz for extra credit.  Make sure to 
print out the quiz and score.  This quiz is due by Wednesday, May 10th. Extra-
credit Google Slides for Chapter 4 Section 1 are due on Thursday, May 11th.

     Typically, we begin a new Social Studies section each Monday.  
Students are able to get a head start by pre-reading the section and 
completing a Power Point of Google Slide presentation on the academic and 
content vocabulary words for each section of study.  Directions for 
completing these Power Point / Google Slide Presentations can be found on 
the Extra Credit page under Social Studies.  Students are encouraged to 
complete each sectional vocabulary Power Point presentation prior to the 
reading of each section... these will factor into their grades as extra-

     There is a great resource available for all students that will help 
with reading comprehension and learning to read non-fictional text. 
Students who receive parental consent and submit a written request can 
check out a personal copy of the Social Studies CD from the DCIS library.  
The CD includes information and reinforcement for activities we have done 
in class.  Students will also have access to printing workbook activities 
should they forget their book.  Finally, the CD includes an audio read 
aloud that helps students in reviewing the concepts necessary for a 
sectional quiz or chapter test. 

     In the past we have gotten requests for student work ahead of time, 
if your child is missing school due to a planned absence, all work will 
need to be made-up and/or gathered the day he/she returns to school.  
Please note if a student is absent due to illness, a request for work 
needs to be made to the office by 8:30 A.M.  Mrs. Haddock and I will make 
every effort to have this work in the office by 3:00 P.M.

     Mrs. Haddock and I update our grades every Thursday. Due to the fact 
that grades change on a daily basis, the best way to monitor your child's 
academics is to check the Aeries weekly on Thursdays. We appreciate your 

Mrs. Guerra