If you are Absent:

If you are absent, a request for work needs to be made to the office by 8:30 
am. Mrs. Haddock and I will make every effort to have this work in the office 
by 3:00 pm for someone to pick up.

Please know that when you are absent the curriculum still continues.  To make 
sure you don't fall behind....
1.  Check  Teachers Web
                a.  Read lesson from text.
                b.  Complete any assignments that you have accessible to you 
                    in your workbook, online, or your textbooks.
                c.  Complete homework assigned.

2.  Call a friend to see what was completed in class. 

When you return to school:

1.  Collect worksheets from each day's basket located above the phone.
               a.  Complete all absent work by Monday
               b.  Write "absent" at the top of the page (remember to write 
                   your name with the proper assignment heading)
               c.  Turn the paper/papers into my green basket located on the 
               d.  Make arrangements to come in Tuesday morning or after 
                   school to make up any missed tests.