Language Arts Links

Language Arts Tools

Here are a few web-sites to use for clarification, reinforcement, and/or 
practice of the various skills covered in class.

Use your password information to access your Language Arts Study Sync 
Connect Ed

Enter the lexile level and search for a title within your range.
Common Core: Select a book based on your lexile level

IXL Grammar Weekly Language Practice

Spelling Pre-test on the Computer.  Take a spelling test, 

practice 6th grade spelling words, boost your knowledge of spelling.

Spelling and Online Practice

Great online source for definitions!  This will help you find 

the definitions for Greek and Latin roots.
Vocabulary Homework Helper

Types of poems, how to and vocabulary
Poetry Practice

Language Arts--Poetry

Language Arts--Poetry

Language Arts--Poetry/Classics

Free format for MLA bibliography.  Easy to use and saves lots of 

Easy Bib-  

There is no better site than this! Please bookmark it!
Grammar and Writing

Grammar Helper

An incredible site that increases vocabulary and many other 

Language Arts Skills

Language Arts--Interactive games

Step Up to Writing

This site helps with all subjects!
Help in all subjects

Etiwanda School District Internet Disclaimer

Choose your grade, story of interest, lexile level, and take a quiz for 
practice with comprehension.
Nonfiction Articles

Sample Items and Performance Tasks: Common Core

Smarter Balanced Practice Tests
Click on Student Interface and Practice Tests

Select questions to practice for the CST testing.  Practice, 

practice, practice.

Practice with leveled CST Questions

Find the State released questions for Grade 6 Language Arts.
State Released Practice Questions- CST

Copyright Laws

Rhyming Dictionary
Poetry and Rhyming

Language Arts Skill Practice- Fun!

Day Creek Intermediate AR List
Select an AR book by title or reading level!

Fiction or Non-fiction???  Enter your book title.  If the call 

number is 0-900 with three letters after it, the book is non-

fiction.  If the the call number has and E or F with letters, it 

is fiction.
Fictional or Non-Fictional AR Book- Click on the following link and search.

Resource for Greek/Latin Roots
Vocabulary Resource

Resource for Greek/Latin Roots
Vocabulary Resource

Resource for Greek/Latin Roots
Vocabulary Resource

Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

Rosetta Stone

Practice Language Arts.  Use the user name and password assigned.
Study Island

Need help with the meaning of a word?  Look on this web-site.

Battleship Inference games  

Access books for you (online textbooks, ebooks, etc.), homework 

help, school web page and a variety of other resources.  Easy way 

to connect with all that is going on in Etiwanda.

Check to see if we have an AR test for the book you are reading.

Type in your favorite book and this site recommends other books 
for future reading.

Dog of Pompeii Webquest

Yamashita Documentary 

Rhyming dictionary for poetry

Rhyming Resource for poetry

Spelling Pre-test... Take every Thursday evening for practice and mastery 
spelling words.  Five new words are introduced weekly.

Access your books online.  Refer to PACK planner for username 

and password.
Textbook: Holt Language Arts