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Day Creek Intermediate School opened its doors for students in the Etiwanda School District in August 2004. We are located in the northwest quadrant of the district's boundaries and educate sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Approximately 1,200 students from the city of Etiwanda and neighboring communities are enrolled at our school. Our school vision centers on the belief that failure is not an option and we encourage you to join us in supporting our students to help shape their future.

Message from the Principal

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While changes in behavior are a normal part of growing up, there are some important signs that can indicate trouble. Everyone, including youngsters and teens, experience changes in their mood and attitude. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we get moody, sometimes we act mature and other times not as much. These are all normal emotions that can be cycled through as the day goes on. Nobody knows your child better than you! If you start to see things that are out of the ordinary, it is time to get involved.

One of the greatest factors in preventing risky behavior among children and teens is the involvement of their parents. Believe it or not children really do listen to their parents when they talk about serious things like safety, friendships, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Your children hear about these things often and they see it on TV.

1. Talk to your child about the risks of using alcohol or drugs. If you don't know what to say, ask your child's teacher, the school principal, or call the school district Pupil Services Department. A quick Internet search of, “Talking to my child about alcohol and drugs” will generate many great starting points to give you the confidence for this important conversation.
2. Be a good role model. Don't allow any part of illegal or unhealthy drug use near your home. Be aware of what is going on outside of your door. When the time is right, ask your child what they know about dangerous or illegal activity in your community.
3. Help your child with what to say if they are offered alcohol or drugs. There is a good chance they will fall to peer pressure if you have not talked to them about what to say in this difficult situation.
4. Know your child's friends and get to know their parents.
5. Watch for signs of stress or changes in behavior. Talk to your child and get involved.
6. Educate yourself. Be able to identify the different types of drugs and trends that are popular within your community. The local police department can provide assistance if you have questions.
7. Talk to your child's teacher, and the school principal if you are concerned about serious changes in your child's behavior. A confidential conversation with a trusted partner in your child's life is an important step.

Ms. Lyon

Alicia Lyon

Assistant Principals
David Apodaca (last names A-L)

Jonathan Carson (last names M-Z)
Ms. Alicia Lyon, Principal

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If you would like your 6th or 7th grade student to attend their sibling's promotion, please write a note stating their name, homeroom teacher's name, and whether or not you will take them home after promotion ends or they will return to class on the day of promotion. Please turn it in to Mrs. Harton in the office. Your student will receive a pass the morning of promotion from his/her homeroom teacher and be released at 8:30 to meet you on the hardcourts.

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CJSF Application Available
8th Grade Students may join California Junior Scholarship Federation. Read more about it and download an application with this link.

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Tdap Vaccination
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California regulations require all next year’s seventh grade students to have a pertussis vaccine booster, called a Tdap, before the 2013-2014 school year begins. Official proof of a Tdap or DTP immunization, after the age of 7, is required before a student may receive books, class assignments or begin school next year.

Please provide proof of the immunization to the school office as soon as possible. Students who have not provided official proof of the Tdap immunization will NOT be allowed to begin seventh grade next fall.

For information about obtaining the vaccine, check with your physician or clinic, or call the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health clinic at 1- 800- 722-4777. If you have questions, please call your schools health office.

Student Drop Off

Parents may drop-off students along the curb in our parking lot; however, you may want to explore the new city passenger loading zones created along the east and west side of Day Creek Blvd in addition to the existing passenger loading zones along the southside of Coyote Dr. We also offer early campus supervision with gates opening at 7:15 AM. Talk with your child about the safe routes on and off our campus and make a plan that works for you and your family using all of the options available to you.

Important Dates

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Open House!! See our Daily Announcements and the flyer that went home for details. Quickly: 5-7pm. Class visitations start at 6pm.


8th Grade Panoramic Picture at 8:05am


Promotion Practice #1 from 8:15-9:15


Promotion Practice #2 from 8:15-9:15

Friday 5/19

8th Grade Dance 7-9 PM in MPR


Promotion Practice #3 from 8:15-9:15

Monday 5/22

6th Grade to John's Incredible Pizza
7th Grade to Skate Express

Wednesday 5/24

8th Grade Knott's Berry Farm

Thursday 5/25

Last Day of School
8th Grade Promotion

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