Science websites

FUN science websites

1. Kid

2. Earth

3. Bill Nye the Science Guy and, his new show, The Eyes of Nye

4. Cool Science for Cool Kids

5. The Yuckiest Site on the Planet

6. Science games at Kaboose

7. Yucky Fun at Discovery

8. Science News for Kids

9. Funology

10. Kid's Corner Science Corner

11. Hundreds of science links (K12 in Rhode Island)

12. Zoom Science (pbs)

13. Science News 4 Kids

14. Science with

15. Cool science for curious kids

16. Science for kids

17. U.S. Dairy Association

18. The Powers of Ten

19. Brain Pop

20. Biographies of some people who loved science as kids

21.  National Geographic 4 Kids

22. Lego

23. The Great Plant Escape

There are three domains of science

Physical sciences: Energy and matter have multiple forms and can be changed from one form to another. As a basis for understanding this concept. Light has a source and travels in a direction.

Life sciences: Adaptations in physical structure or behavior may improve an organism’s chance for survival.

Earth sciences: Objects in the sky move in regular and predictable patterns.

Investigation & Experimentation