Dinosaurs are so cool.

Do you want to know more about them?

Well, explore the activities that I've linked to this page dedicated to these extinct creatures.

  • How did they move?
  • What did they eat?
  • How did they care for their young?
  • What defenses did they use against predators?
  • Where did they live?
  • What did they look like?
  • How come they're not around anymore?

What does a dinosaur look like?

Take a look at these collections of drawings and find your favorite dinosaur

1. Check out this extensive A-Z list of dinosaur drawings and artwork: search4dinosaurs.com

2. Look at this A-Z list of dinosaur drawings & artwork: picsearch.com

3. See the dinosaur artwork by Josef Moravek: prehistory.com

4. Visit the Dino Directory to learn more about your dinosaur.

Do you want to read some books about dinosaurs?

Read these cool electronic books about dinosaurs.

1. Help! The Dinosaur Ate the Mailbox (by Ben Orlando)

2. Going Back Through Time with Dinosaurs (by J. R. Blueford)

3. A dinosaur bone disappears at The Night at the Museum (tumblebooks.com)

4. "Bustobot" is a unique story about friendship

5. Read the "The World of Fossils" (future of world.com)

6. Dinosaur ABC book (Children's Museum)

Do you want to learn more about dinosaurs?

Visit these websites and you're sure to become an expert.

1. Play with this sticker book to create your own dinosaur land (I know that.com)

2. Make a fossil of a dinosaur, young scientist (Wonderville in Canada)

3. Play around at Dinosaur Playground

4. Help your dinosaur grow at Big Al

5. Make your own dinosaur park at Dino Draw:

6. Play five cool games to teach your more about dinosaurs at Dinosphere.

7. Connect the dots of this T-rex to see what he looks like.

8. Color any of 82 dinosaurs (Enchanted Learning.com)

9. Color a mom and baby dinosaur

10. Is the T-rex a Predator or Scavenger

11. Are dinosaurs extinct? Or, are birds the direct descendants of dinosaurs? Here is a video interview with some scientists explaining how they found proteins in old dinosaur bones that is closely the same as that found in modern chickens.

12. What killed the dinosaurs? Find out. (pbs.org)

13. Journey through time at this website to see what life on earth was like long ago.

14. Discover dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert (American Museum of Natural History.org)

15. Participate in a virtual dinosaur dig in Wyoming (Smithsonian.org)

16. Can you find the dinosaurs? There are six to find. (count on.org)

17. Locate the dinosaur bones in Brazil, Egypt, or Greenland. (st3v0.com)

18. Check out four years of photos from this New Mexico excavation site (state museum.org)

19. Build a dinosaur with bones: three levels of play (Discovery Channel)

20. Can you put the dinosaur bones together (Children's Museum)

21. Make your own movie about dinosaur bones

22. What kind of dinosaur are you? Find out.

23. Show your skills by matching the name with the dinosaur

24. Would you like to see some fossilized dinosaur teeth?

25. Disney has listed some cool facts about dinosaurs (the pixel movement.com)

26. Learn more about dinosaurs at Big Dinos Return (UC Berkely)

27. Learn about five dinosaurs (tanner clements.com)

28. The Albertosaurus (Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada)

29. 15 Questions about dinosaurs (enchanted learning)

30. Would you like to know more about dinosaurs? Their legs, teeth, horns, necks...

31. When did dinosaurs live on earth? Watch this timeline for when dinosaurs roamed the planet and how the continents separated from one continent (pangea) to form seven separate contintents.

32. For a list of aquatic reptiles, go to this website.

33. If dinosaurs could talk... Listen to these audio clips describing your dinosaur

34. Do you know your dinosaur? Look at these silhouettes to see if you do.

35. Listen to real paleontologists talk about their work with dinosaur bones


Learn about dinosaurs with the Discovery Channel

1. Explore 20 dinosaurs with this interactive journey: meet the dinosaurs, explore how their bodies worked, compare their bodies to your body, and more:

2. Watch several videos about dinosaurs

3. Explore this dinosaur guide

4. Test your knowledge of dinosaurs in this quiz

How much do you know about dinosaurs?

Take these quizzes to see if you're truly a dinosaur expert.

1. Quiz-o-saurs (british council.org)

2. Dino Planet quiz (Discovery Channel: Exploration Network)

3. Go Kids has a dinosaur quiz for you. You can visit dinosaurs, a farm, the Vikings, and more

4. Take this Dinosaur quiz (Meadow Lane Elementary School, New England)

5. Here are 10 questions about dinosaurs (Enchanted Learning)

6. 10 more questions about dinosaurs (Enchanted Learning)

7. 10 questions about dinosaurs (American Museum of Natural History)

8. Dinosaur Smarts quiz (National Geographic 4 Kids)

9. Who dung it? A quiz on dino poop

10. Real or Make-believe quiz

11. 12 question Quiz (prongo.com)

Do you want to laugh?

Visit these webistes and you're sure to laugh and giggle at their silliness.

1. What did dinosaurs eat? Click on this link to find out (and you might laugh too).

2. Dinosaur jokes (Enchanted Learning.com)

Who are the most famous dinosaurs of all time?

1. Sue, a real T-rex skeleton

2. Dino: a fictitious anmated dinosaur from "The Flintstones" cartoon

3. Godzilla: a fictitious movie T-rex in Japanese films

4. The "Jurassic Park" movie dinosaurs





Student websites about dinosaurs

1. Mrs. Joelson's class facts about the T-rex

2. Stories from 2nd graders (South Side Elementary School in Illinois). The third story is entitled "My Dinosaur"

3. A story by Kevin, a student: "Future Dinosaurs"

4. "My Dinosaur" by second-grader Jennifer Garland (Effingham, Illinois)

Thinkquest dinosaur websites (made by kids)

1. Rex Rampage (2001 winner)

2. Dinosaur Treks (2000)

3. Dinomania (2004) en espanol

4. When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth (2003)

5. A Glimpse of the Past (2002)

6. Dino Games (2001)

7. Dynamic Dinos (2001)

8. Dinosaur World (2000)

9. Fossils (2000)

10. Iguanoquest and more (2000)

11. Carnosaurs: Big and Small (1999)

12. Dinosaurs: the Most and the Least (1999)

13. Dinosaurs Online (1999)

14. Disappearance (1999)

15. Dinosaurs (1998)

16. Dinos (1997)

wikipedia: dinosaurs & flying reptiles

1. Dinosaur

2. Tyrannosaurus

3. Stegosaurus

4. Triceratops

5. Velociraptor

6. Plesiosaurus

7. Dimetrodon

8. Allosaurus

9. Spinosaurus

10. Hadrosaur

11. Oviraptor

12. Troodon

13. Compsognathus

14. Pterodactyl

15. Deinosuchus

16. Ankylosaurus

17. Brachiosaurus

18. Iguanadon

19. Stygimolock

20. Apatosaurus

wikipedia: flying reptiles

1. Pterosaur

2. Quetzalcoatlus (a pterosaur = flying reptile, not a dinosaur)

3. Archaeopteryx (a flying or gliding dinosaur)

wikipedia: aquatic reptiles

1. plesiosaur

2. ichthyosaur

3. kronosaurus

More websites to explore

non-profit organizations (.org)

1. Carnegie's Dinosaurs: A world Treasure (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)

2. Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries (American Museum of Natural History)

3. The Dinosaur Museum (Blanding, Utah)

4. Dinosaur Dig (San Diego Natural History Museum)


commercial websites (.com)

1. Types of dinosaurs (T-rex, Brontosaurs, Stegosaurus, Tricertatops, Pteradactyls)



government websites (.gov)




school websites: Kindergarten through 12th grade (.k12)




college websites (.edu)




more about dinosaurs

How many species of dinosaurs are there? About 700 different species of dinosaurs have been named. If you want to see an A-Z list & short description of each type of dinosaur, then visit this website.

What kinds of dinosaurs are there? You could divide dinosaurs into three categories: carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Or, you coud divide them into two groups: those with a pelvis that points backwards and those with a pelvis that points forwards.

What is the biggest dinosaur? Well, the biggest herbivore is a tie between the Argentinosaurus & the Sauroposeidon. The biggest carnivore is the Spinoraurus. The biggest pterosaur is the Quetzalcoatlus. The biggest plesiosaur is the Liopleurodon.

What is the smallest dinosaur? Well, the smallest herbivore a tie between the Microceratops. The smallest carnivore is the Microraptor. The smallest aquatic reptile is the Lariosaurus.

Are any descendants of dinosaurs living today? Yes, birds descended from the two-legged carnivores, theropods.

Were there any flying reptiles? No. Pterasaurs are not considered dinosaurs. They lived alongside dinosaurs, but were not considered dinosaurs or birds.

When did dinosaurs become extinct? About 65,000,000 years ago, dinosaurs died out. Why? Scientists think that it had to do with an asteroid impacting the earth, volcanoes erupting and polluting the air, a drastic change in the climate., firestorms that devestated plantlife, and tsunamis swamping the land. Or not. There is disagreement about this issue among scientists as they look at the fossil record.