Room 19's Weekly News

***Week of May 5th, 2014

Welcome to Mrs. Boone's Fourth Grade Class!!

**Daily math homework will be assigned beginning Tuesday, August 6th and 
weekly homework packets will be sent home starting Monday, August 12. Math 
homework is due the following day and packets will be due on Fridays!

As you prepare for this school year, please consider purchasing the following 
important supplies:

*Water bottle 

*Lunch pail

*Dry erase Markers/Dry Eraser

*Lots of pencils

*4 Wide-ruled Notebooks

*Loose-leaf, Wide-ruled Lined Paper Pack

*Glue sticks

*Backpack (no wheels-please!)

*Magazine rack (plastic or metal)- for holding textbooks

Important Information:

**Binder Reminders will be coming home EVERY DAY! Please make sure that this 

is signed by a parent each night!!

1. Want to access your child's assignments and grades from home? Sign up for 

an ESPRI account through the district website! Click on 

parents, then on ESPRI to create an account.

2. I have a Newsflash page on this website. You can get updates on class 

assignments and upcoming activities by email, text message, or both! Sign up 

on the newsflash page today!

3. You can have your child practice math on the computer at home! Here is the 

direct link for math help: 

Where should you go? FACT DASH and PERSONAL TUTOR for each lesson.  Student 

edition has the pages that can be printed for missed work, or more practice!


4. Website for Math Help!  I am using this website in 

the classroom as well.  The USERNAME is East Heritage and the PASSWORD is 

8235696.  This is a great help for students who are struggling with 

multiplication facts.

I hope that you take advantage of the above resources!

Please send me an email or a note if you have a question about anything. 

Don't wait until it is too late!

Mrs. Boone :)