Week #13!  
News this week:

We are going on a Field Trip Thursday, November 10th, to Stater Brothers!!  This will coordinate with our unit on places in our neighborhood.
I need all students at school by 11:15 on that day since we need to be on the bus and ready to leave by 11:30!
The cost of bus transportation is $3.  I sent home a permission slip and envelope for the $3 today.  Please send both the permission slip and the money (if possible) by this Friday!

I can take up to 3 parent chaperones.  If you would like to chaperone, please text me on Dojo or email me.  I will hold a drawing if I receive more than 3 responses.

* Kids have a new online resource for reading books that are at their reading level! Please Check It Out!
It's called RAZ Kids (Reading A to Z).  You will find the link on this Teacherweb site!  At the left click on "RAZ Kids" and then use the link in that page.  Students will use their cubby number for their password.  (Cubbies #1-9 must include a 0 before their number.  Example: #1 would type in 01)
Kids will earn rewards for logging on, listening, reading, and taking the quizzes!

No school on Friday, November 11th!

Thursday, November 17th is our Feast/Performance Day!
Please plan on coming to school on this day to watch all their hard work preparing for their Thanksgiving Performance!
We will have 2 performances: 1:15-1:25 and 1:25-1:35.  (You are welcome to watch both - we will ask parents with front row seats at the first performance to let others get front row during the 2nd performance.)  
Then their feast will begin at 2:00.

Friday, November 18th is our first PM in the AM day!
ALL kindergarteners will come to school from 8:05 to 11:25 on that day!  

This Week In Kindergarten:
Math - We are continuing learning about shapes with Ch. 9
To help at home: find shapes all around!

Language Arts - We are continuing Unit 3! 
Our Essential Question - What rules do we follow in different places? 
Phonics - letter recognition for Ii
Phonemic Awareness - Isolate and identify the /i/ sound. Blend sounds with these letters such as t i p = tip.
Handwriting - Ii
High Frequency Word - to
Oral Vocabulary - cooperate, guard, prank, rules responsible
Category Words - action words. (jump, gallop, swim, fly, crawl)
Grammar - sentences
Genre - Fantasy.  Kids will learn that a fantasy story is a special kind of fiction story.  In a fantasy story, dinosaurs might even go to school!