Accessing Connect Ed for Language Arts materials:

Basic class information:

Think Central is a great tool to help with math. Your child knows their username and password to get on to the website. You can use the website to do fun games that go along with what we are learning in class.

ConnectEd is the website we use for language arts. Your child has many games on the website and they can access their stories for the week as well. A great way to prep for our weekly assessment and our comprehension test is to access these items throughout the week at home. Again, the kids know their user names and passwords.

Spelling City is a website you can use at home to access our spelling words so that your child can play games and take a spelling test at home so that they are better prepared for the spelling test on Friday.

Root Word Powerpoints are available to the left of this screen. Please discuss the rootwords with your child and do your best to use these words with your child throughout the week. It is important that they know these words, not just for the test on Friday, but for their end of the year state test and regular iReady tests here in class as well. Vocabulary is a huge part of the language arts puzzle. Use the "big words" with your kids. Take time to explain word meanings to your child.

Friday folders with graded work is sent home on Fridays (along with how they are doing on AR). Please review their graded work with them and go over missed questions.

Class Dojo is my main way of communicating with you. Please sign up if you haven't already done so.

Attendance is often one of the biggest factors in a student's success at school. Be here and be on time! :-)

PE is every Wednesday and Friday at the beginning of class. Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for these days.

Deadline to send in paperwork for Birthday Book Club and Birthday Marquee                                             September 1, 2017