Information Page/newsflash

October 17th , 2017

October 27th                AR Deadline and Fall Carnival

October 31st                              Black and Orange Day

November 10th                                    No School

December 15th                                    AR Deadline

December 21st                                       Minimum Day

Dec 22nd-Jan 8th                                  Winter Recess

February 9th                                           AR deadline

March 17th                              Mrs. Green's Birthday :)

March 23rd                                       AR Deadline

May 10th                                          AR deadline

We are in need of (donations):
1. Expo markers
2. Halloween party donations! See link on DoJo


1. PE Wednesday and Fridays (dress comfortable)

2. Please be sure to check grades weekly. 
3. Library: Thursdays! Make sure to bring books back even if you are checking them out again.
4. Multiplication Facts: Please be sure to study your facts through 12
5. Bring in ear buds/ear phones
6. Bring in emergency meal
7. Check connectED home connection for Language Arts homework
8. Have your child check out thinkcentral for addition help/work in math (this is also where you can print homework pages that may have been lost).

What We Are Learning:

Language Arts:  We started our second unit

Spelling - Spelling words will be sent home at the beginning of a teaching block. Five words from the list and five words not on the list (but follow the phonics skill) will be on the test. This unit we will be learning, short vowels, long vowels, words with u sounds, r-controlled vowels, and /ur/ r-controlled vowels.

Grammar - Look for grammar lessons in your child's cub folder. The top of the paper always has a "mini lesson" from the day. This unit we will be learning; sentences, subjects and predicates, compound sentences, complex sentences, and run-on sentences.

Writing -  Our next writing piece is a .

Math: Our Chapter 4 test is on Tuesday October 24th

Social Studies: Students are working on their explorer projects

We will start science next week with Mrs. Green. Our science standards are changing to the NGSS. Our focus will be on STEM activities where students will explore and have more hands on opportunities. Grades will be based on collaboration with their group, retesting the experiment, completion of worksheets and Zingy learning (a website) tests. 

Any questions? Please email me at