Welcome to Evergreen Science! Daily work will be posted here:

8/15: 1st day! Please bring in empty Pringle's chip cans if you have any 
paper bags to cover books (Will earn tickets for each grocery paper bag 
bring in.) Also, sign up for Newsflash at the bottom of the Newsflash 
8/16: PE
8/17: Cover Science Books, take them home and leave them there
8/18: Classwork, make "Interactive Science Notebooks"

8/21: Eclipse!
8/22: STAR Reading
8/23: PE!
8/24: PINT Library
8/25: E6 Tour

8/28: Hurricane Harvey, NewsELA article
8/29: Get your Aeries Login, Science Notebook cover (due Thursday) Nametag 
8/30: PE!
8/31: Assemble Science Notebook, begin PBJ assignment GC (Due Monday)
9/1: PBJ GC (Due Thursday)

9/4: No School - Labor Day
9/5: GC PBJ (Due Thursday am)
9/6: PE!
9/7: PBJ Due
9/8: Continue working on our ISN (Interactive Science Notebook)

9/11: Guest Speaker: Tobacco Education
9/12: Inner-Earth Class Activity
9/13: PE!
9/14: Pringles Can Solar Ovens! (Minimum Day - 1:00)
9/15: Science 4-1 in ISN (1st quarter Progress Reports)

9/18: Guest Speaker: Tobacco Education
9/19: NewsELA, 4-2
9/20: PE!
9/21: Pangaea Activity
9/22: 4-3

9/25: Guest Speaker: Tobacco Education
9/26: 4-3
9/27: PE & Solar Hot Dogs!
9/28: Sea-Floor Spreading Model
9/29: No School - Staff Development Day

10/2: Guest Speaker
10/3: Air Density (ISN)
10/4: PE!
10/5: 4-4
10/6: Lassen Hike! 7am!

10/9: Lassen Thanks!
10/10: 4-5 (ISN) (No Homework Club today - staff meeting)
10/11: PE!
10/12: Chapter 4, Open Notebook test
10/13: Air Density activity and Fun Friday! (End of 1st 1/4 - all work 

10/16: NewsELA & Autobiography
10/17: Hot Air Balloons!
10/18: PE!
10/19: SLC Project (Due Monday)
10/20: SLC Project

10/23: Red Ribbon Week Activity (SLC Project Due)
10/24: Solar Oven Experiment
10/25: PE
10/26: NewsELA Science (Minimum Day - 1pm)
10/27: Earthquake Movie - Footage from earthquakes

10/30: 5-1 in your ISN
10/31: Solar Pumpkin Seeds and Carving (bring a pumpkin and carver if you 
for those out of the science Danger Zone
11/1: PE
11/2: 5-2 in your ISN
11/3: Epicenter Science Lab

11/6: SF Earthquake Scavenger hunt
11/7: 5-3 ISN
11/8: PE
11/9: 5-5 ISN
11/10: No School, Veteran's Day observed

11/13: Chapter 5 review game and ISN
11/14: Chapter 5 Open Note test
11/15: PE!
11/16: Science Fair Introduction - Topic selection
11/17: Science Fair Address Search

Grading Policy:

-Classwork/homework 5-25 points

-Tests/Quizzes/Projects 10-100 points

Spelling counts (yes, even in science)

On time, can earn up to full credit.

Late classwork/homework: 60% 

Late Projects: - 10% per day

Absences: Same number of days given as student was absent

Tests: Any score below a C may be retaken to bring it up to a C-

Extra credit!:

Check out a solar oven for a weekend with good weather. (No rain or high 

To do so, YOU must write a small note that says you have permission, then 
your parent sign it.
Be picked up Friday after school and dropped off Monday morning. (Ovens 
too big to go on a bus.)

Experiment baking something. For a review of instructions, see video at:

Also, sample recipes are there too.

Some easy ones include soup, corn bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza,etc.
Always "preheat", bake longer than a regular, and use a thermometer to be 
any meat is cooked completely.

Turn in the oven and a paragraph about your cooking. Even failures are 
extra credit. 

Have your parents sign it. 

OR, you can take a picture of you and the E6 water bottle at a unique 
Email it to Mr. H. so we can add it to the places the E6 water bottle has 

1 extra credit assignment maximum this quarter.