Welcome to Evergreen Science! Daily work will be posted here:

8/16: 1st day! Please bring in empty Pringles chip cans if you have any 
paper bags to cover books (Will earn tickets for each grocery paper bag 
bring in.) Also, sign up for Newsflash at the bottom of the Newsflash 
8/17: PE
8/18: Cover Science Books, take them home and leave them there
8/19: Classwork, make "Interactive Science Notebooks"

8/22: More Data! Lassen Field trip forms sent home (hike is Thursday, 
Computer Login practice
8/23: STAR Reading
8/24: PE
8/25: STAR Math, ISN Cover Due
8/26: Guest Speaker

8/29: 2-Sides W.S., Parent Letter, Read pages 24-29
8/30: Watchouts W.S., Risk Reduction W.S.,Back to School Night! 6-7:30
8/31: PE
9/1: Begin Family Disaster Plan (Due Wednesday) (Thanks Savannah!)
9/2: Begin Family Disaster Plan (Due Wednesday)

9/5: No School
9/6: Sun Oven Instructions
9/7: Disaster Plan Due, PE?
9/8: Online Math Practice
9/9: Project Ignite - 3D design program

9/12:Organize planner/ Lassen chaperones needed
9/13:ISN (Interactive Science Notebook) PBJ (writing assignment due 
9/14: PE
9/15: PBJ Due - class activity with it, Minimum Day (1:10)
9/16: Begin Chapter 4, plate techtonics

9/19: Science Chapter 4-1 (8 key terms in ISN)
9/20: 4-2, notes in ISN
9/21: PE!
9/22: 4-3, Pangaea in ISN
9/23: Mt. Lassen Hike Info

9/26: Making Solar Ovens!
9/27: 4-3 key terms in your Interactive Science Notebook - checking that 
first 9 pages are done.
9/28: PE!
9/29: Mt. Lassen Hike! Be at E6 at 7am
9/30: Staff Development Day - No School

10/3:Lassen Thank You Letter
10/4: 4-4 key terms in ISN
10/6: 4-5 key terms in ISN
10/7: Make a Sea-Floor Spreading model

10/10:Chapter 4 Review
10/11:Chapter 4, Open Science-Notebook Test
10/14:Plate tectonics movie

10/17:Google Classroom! Brief Bio (due Friday)
10/18:5-1 Earthquakes!
10/20:Google Classroom - the Great SF Earthquake Search (due Friday)
10/21:Share Bios with class

10/24:Tour PINT library, check out book
10/25:Finish Section 5-1 in ISN
10/27:5-2 Key terms in ISN (Minimum Day)
10/28:Earthquake Movie

10/31: Science Survey/ 5-2 ISN
11/1: 5-2 ISN
11/2: PE!
11/3: Earthquake Activity
11/4: 5-3, ISN

11/7: 5-4 in ISN
11/8: Chapter 5 review game in class (plus mock voting)
11/9: PE!
11/10: Chapter 5 open ISN test on Earthquakes (Gues speaker - moved to 
11/11: No School

11/14: Chapter 5 open ISN test on Earthquakes
11/15: Science Fair brainstorm topics
11/16: PE
11/17: Guest Speaker, BCOE Tobacco Education
11/18: Google Classroom, Science Fair Topic ideas, gather company contact 

11/28: Science Fair Contact Search (Topic due Friday)
11/29: Aeries Student Login (If you already know how, just show you can 
11/30: PE
12/1: Guest Speaker
12/2: E6 Apple Orchard Makeover

12/5: Begin Science Fair Letters
12/6: Continue Letters
12/7: PE!
12/8: SAMM (last day)
12/9: Envelopes, Letter Due, Hour of Code (if finished)

12/12: Finish Letters
12/13: 6-1 in ISN
12/14: Ice Skating OR A/R day (35%)
12/15: 6-2 in ISN
12/16: Ice Skating OR A/R day (35%)

12/19: Tech Day! No new homework - check Aeries for anything you can do.
12/20: Caroling at the Atria
12/21: Art Rotation for students with an A/B o C. (End of quarter - all 

1/9: Lake Oroville Data Hunt (Google Classroom)
1/10: Select volcano for volcano report 
1/11: PE!
1/12: Begin Volcano Report Notes (Google Classroom)
1/13: Begin Volcano Report Notes (Google Classroom)

1/16: MLK - No School
1/17: Volcano Notes - Peer edit page 1
1/18: PE!
1/19: Assembly
1/20: Volcano notes Page 2

1/23: Danger Zone/ Solar Regatta Video Posters
1/24: Volcano Notes/ Comments pages 2-3
1/25: PE!
1/26: Volcano Notes/ Comments pages 3-4
1/27: Volcano Notes Due

1/30: Pompeii
1/31: Intro Rough Draft
2/1: PE!
2/2: Read Intro in front of class
2/3: Begin Rough Draft Volcano report

2/6: Rough Draft Page 1
2/7: Rough Draft page 2/3
2/8: PE
2/9: Field Trip to Chico State
2/10: Rough Draft Due

2/13: Spillway
2/14: Conclusion and Bibliography
2/15: PE
2/16: Peer edit/ Print Draft
2/17: No School

2/20: No School
2/21: Make Volcano Report Folder
2/22: PE
2/23: Finish presenting intros to class/ folders
2/24: Peer Edit, go over final grade checklist

2/27: Cover Page/ Final Draft
2/28: NewsEla Assignment (Google Classroom)
3/1: PE
3/2: Final Draft Work Time (Extra Credit if turned in early)
3/3: Volcano Report Final Due, 5 points to have a parent editing / 
signature on your rough draft. (Or a note if they edited using Google 

3/6: NewsELA article
3/7: Science of Energy in class (Interactive Science Notebook)
3/8: PE
3/9: Science stations
3/10: 5th grade visit (Students not passing a class will use this time to 
get caught up.) End of 3rd 1/4!

3/13: Retakes!
3/14: Pi Day!
3/15: PE!
3/16: Science of Energy Experiments

3/20: Investigative Question Rough draft (due Thursday) (Parent edit and 
3/21: Energy Experiments
3/22: PE
3/23: IQ rough draft due
3/24: Type Final IQ

3/27: Hypothesis Rough Draft (due tomorrow, edited and signed)
3/28: Hypothesis rough due, peer edit and type in Google Classroom
3/29: PE!
3/30: Experiment/Procedure Rough Draft
3/31: Experiment/Procedure Rough Draft (When approved, you may begin 
experiment! Have experiment finished the Thursday after spring break)

4/3: Procedure sign-off, begin experiment when you are given the green 
(due 4/20)
4/4: Feather Falls Information
4/5: Final Procedure sign-off, PE
4/6: Feather Falls Hike! Be at E6 at 7:30am
4/7-4/17: Spring Break!

4/18: First Day Back
4/19: PE!
4/20: Experiment Should be done, begin results
4/21: Continue making results graph

4/24-4/28: Science fair/Testing/PE/ A/R. There will be several hours in 
class to type all of the pieces of science fair, make graphs, title and 
the board together. Next Monday and Tuesday we will have 3 hours of 
classtime to place, glue and add finishing touches to the boards. If you 
want Mr. H. to get you a board, please let him know by Wednesday. Science 
Fair Projects are Due at the end of Tuesday, May 2nd. Science Fair/ Open 
House is Tuesday, May 2nd, 5:30-7pm. (The rest of PINT is Thursday night.)

5/1: Finish Science fair Project!
5/2: Science fair Due, Science Fair is 5:30-7pm
5/3: PE (It will be VERY warm, dress accordingly and bring a water 
5/4: Begin Rocks! - May the 4th be with you!
5/5: PE and Earth activity

5/8 - 5/12: State Testing/ math

Get a great sleep and breakfast. No new homework. A great week to catch up 
A/R and check Aeries for anything missing/absent or retake.

5/15: Igneous Rock!
5/16: 3rd Grade visit practice!
5/17: PE!
5/18: 3rd Grade visit practice!
5/19: 3rd Grade visit/ Solarbration

5/22: Rock Poster (Due Thursday)
5/23: Science Topic Selection
5/24: PE
5/25: Science Topic Work Time
5/26: No School/ Potential Weather Make-up Day

5/29: No School/ Memorial day
5/30: Final STAR Assessments
5/31: PE
6/1: Science Poster Due/ Science textbooks Due/ Swimming if all books are 
6/2: Science Poster Presentations

6/5: E6 Camp!
6/6: E6 Camp!
6/7: E6 Camp!/ Minimum Day, Home around lunchtime
6/8: Last Day/ Minimum Day

Grading Policy:

-Classwork/homework 5-25 points

-Tests/Quizzes/Projects 10-100 points

Spelling counts (yes, even in science)

On time, can earn up to full credit.

Late classwork/homework: 60% 

Late Projects: - 10% per day

Absences: Same number of days given as student was absent

Tests: Any score below a C may be retaken to bring it up to a C-

Extra credit!:

Check out a solar oven for a weekend with good weather. (No rain or high 

To do so, YOU must write a small note that says you have permission, then 
your parent sign it.
Be picked up Friday after school and dropped off Monday morning. (Ovens 
too big to go on a bus.)

Experiment baking something. For a review of instructions, see video at:

Also, sample recipes are there too.

Some easy ones include soup, corn bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza,etc.
Always "preheat", bake longer than a regular, and use a thermometer to be 
any meat is cooked completely.

Turn in the oven and a paragraph about your cooking. Even failures are 
extra credit. 

Have your parents sign it. 

OR, you can take a picture of you and the E6 water bottle at a unique 
Email it to Mr. H. so we can add it to the places the E6 water bottle has 

1 extra credit assignment maximum this quarter.