E2 Math

8/15: 1st Day! Share "Magic trick" with family
8/16: Eclipse Goggle Math!, please bring paper bags to cover books
8/17: Math Assessment
8/18: Finish Math Assessment

8/21: Eclipse - no homework
8/22: Cover Mathbooks and take home (leave them there), Mathology WS
8/23: 1.1.2 All Review and Practice A/B (all for extra credit)
8/24: 1.1.3 All Review and Practice A/B (all for extra credit)
8/25: Correct homework, answer questions and begin the 4, 4's problem 
credit, due by Christ mas break!

8/28: 1.1.4
8/29: 1.1.5
8/30: 1.2.1
8/31: No new math homework! (This changed today) Go to Back-To-School 
check Aeries and bring a 3-ring binder tomorrow.
9/1: 3-Ring Binder Due, Open Math Binder Quiz!

9/4: No School
9/5: 1.2.2 a/b (all extra credit) Quiz handed back - retakes due in 1 week
9/6: 1.2.3 a/b (all extra credit)
9/7: 1.2.4 1-85 to 1-86 all (this was changed today)
9/8: Chapter 1 review - open binder test is next Tuesday

9/11: No new math today (retakes due tomorrow.)
9/12: 1.2.4 a/b (all extra credit) Many students have some done from last 
week. Time given in class to start.
9/13: Chapter 1 closure, (all answers are in the book) 1-95 to 1-100 a/b (you 
may choose to do more in each section to prepare for the test tomorrow.) No 
extra credit tonight.
9/14: Chapter 1, Open math binder test (no new homework)
9/15: Continue and finish Chaper 1, Open math binder test

9/18: Review most missed problems on test - retakes due within 1 week
Homework Help! Go to cpm.org and click on "textbook resources." Then 
"Homework Help." 
No password required for this site.

This year our math book is online!!! (Copy and paste the line below in 
browser) http://ho4011.textbooks.cpm.org


If that site will not work, just go to CPM.org and click on student help 
the left. There is help for almost every problem there!

*If you genuinely spend more than 30 minutes on homework (in addition to 
time we spent on it in class), you may write a note to me where you 
and have a parent sign it. The goal is to be able to do what is assigned 
the time allotted in class plus about 30 minutes. Get to homework club and 
ask questions so we can help you increase your speed and accuracy. Another 
online resource for help in math, multiple videos on various topics:

- to 

Our old series of math has some resources online:

Go to: http://my.hrw.com
username: evergreen6, password:evergreen6

MATH - Always SHOW YOUR WORK! Remember to always check your odd problems 
the back of the book for the answers. (to be sure you are doing it 
correctly.) All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise 

Late classwork/homework: 60% 

Math Retake Policy

Tests must be retaken within a week
Continue getting help from me, home or Academic Support until you earn 

Average the 2 scores (70% minimum)

Homework:“Credit” =‘s 95%

Bonus - offered occasionally on nightly homework. If right, 110%



Login is usually your first name - see the card taped inside your planner, 
handed out 9/18