E2 Math

8/16: 1st Day! Share "Magic trick" with family
8/17: Math assessments, please bring paper bags to cover books
8/18: Finish Math Assessments
8/19: Cover Mathbooks and take home (leave them there)

8/22: 1.1.1. W.S. for class/homework
8/23: 4, 4's problem and look for a 3-ring binder for math. (Please have 
next Monday - I have some used ones if you need them. If you have extra 
ones, please bring them in to share. Thanks!)
8/24: 1-10 to 1-14 a only (do all for extra credit)
8/25: 4, 4's - bring a math binder
8/26: No homework

8/29: 1-19 to 1-23 a only (Do all for extra credit)
8/30: 1-28 to 1-32 a only (Do all for extra credit)
8/31: No new homework - do missing/absent, or extra credit from last night 
you haven't done it. Spend 10 minutes on 4 4's

9/5: No School
9/6: 1-46 to 1-50 a/b (Do all for extra credit)
9/7: Bring your math binder to school, 4, 4's, retake quiz (due next 
9/8: 1-57 to 1-61 a/b (do all for extra credit)\
9/9: Open Math Binder Quiz

9/12: 1-68 to 1-72 a/b, (all extra credit)
9/13: 1-85 to 1-89 a/b, (all extra credit)
9/14: Chapter 1 closure, study guide: 1-95 to 1-100 (answers are in the 
9/15: Chapter 1, Open Math Binder Test, Minimum Day (1:10)
9/16: Finished Test

9/19: Retake Chapter 1 test (you have 1 week)
9/20: 2-6 to 2-10 a/b (extra credit for all)
9/21: 2-15 to 2-19 a/b (extra credit for all)
9/22: 2-24 to 2-28 a/b (extra credit for all)
9/23: Math Binder Check!

9/26: 2-34 to 2-38 a/b (extra credit for all)
9/27: 2-46 to 2-50 a only, all extra credit
9/28: no new math - prepare for the hike!
9/29: Mt. Lassen Hike! Be at E6 at 7am
9/30: Staff Development Day - No School

10/3: 2-56 to 2-59 a/b (all extra credit)
10/4: 2-65 to 2-69 a/b (all extra credit)
10/5: Get your math binder organised and do anything you need to catch up. 
10/6: 2-65 to 2-69 A
10/7: Retakes, Absent/Missing/ Online practice

10/10: 2-86 to 2-90 a/b (all extra credit)
10/11: CL 2-91 to CL2-99 a/b only (counts as extra credit)
10/12: Open Math Notebook Chapter 2 Test - no new homework
10/13: Open Math Notebook Chapter 2 Test - no new homework
10/14: End of quarter, math tests returned. Time to retake in class - all 
retakes due by the end of homework club Monday

10/17: 3.1.1 review and practice A/B (do all for extra credit)
10/18: page 480 1-15 (show work) answers are in the book and this 
not on CPM.org
10/19: 3-31 to 3-35 a/b (do all for extra credit)
10/20: 3-45 to 3-54 a/b (do all for extra credit)
10/21: Turn in work, Math practice online

10/24: 3-62 to 3-66 a/b (all is extra credit)
10/25: 3-73 to 3-77 a/b (all is extra credit)
10/26: 3-83 to 3-88
10/27: clean and organize backpack and math binder
10/28: Begin 3.2.1

10/31: 3-94 to 3-98 a/b (all is extra credit - some finished in class)
11/1: 3-106 to 3-110 a/b (extra credit for all)
11/2: No new math, do missing/absent and work on your 2nd 1/4 goals
11/3: 3-118 to 3-120 all, (3-121 to 3-122 is extra credit)

11/7: 3-128 to 3-132 a/b all extra credit (Graphiti due Thursday)
11/8: CL3-133 to CL3-141a (answers in the book, if you miss A, do B. May 
this to help on test tomorrow.)
11/9: Chapter 3 Open-Note test (may go over any questions you wrote in 
math binder for finishing the test tomorrow. Graph practice worksheet due 
11/10: Finish test, turn in graph WS
11/11: No School

11/14: Return Math tests - retake
11/15: 4-7 to 4-11 a/b (extra credit for all)
11/16: p483 1-15 (16-20 bonus)
11/17: 4-16 to 4-20 a/b (extra credit for all)
11/18: Quiz

11/28: 4-34 to 4-37 all, Quiz returned - retake
11/29: 4-38 to 4-43 all
11/30: color and enlarge tile (worksheet)
12/1: 4-47 to 4-51 a/b (all for extra credit)
12/2: Open Math Binder Quiz

12/5: Retake Quiz, 4-58 to 4-62 a/b (all extra credit)
12/6: 4-70 to 4-74 a/b (all extra credit)
12/7: No new math - catch up/retakes/A/R
12/8: 4-80 to 4-84 a/b (all extra credit)

12/12: 4-85 to 4-92 all (answers are in the book - this page is not on 
12/13: Chapter 4 Open Math Binder Test (you may look up any questions you 
down on your notes card.)
12/14: Finished Chapter 4 Test - no new homework (check Aeries, retakes, 
12/15: Chapter Tests returned today. retakes Due next Wednesday. Homework 
today, Monday and Tuesday next week.

1/9: Begin Chapter 5 5-4 to 5-8 a/b (all is extra credit)
1/10: 5-13 to 5-17 a/b and extra credit for all
1/11: page 480 1-10 (11-20 is extra credit)
1/12: 5-24 to 5-28 a/b (all extra credit)

1/16: MLK - No School
1/17: 5-34 to 5-38 a/b (all extra credit) I hope your dad feels better 
1/18: Making notes for fractions and decimals. NO NEED TO MAKE UP TODAY IF 
1/19: No new math homework (retake quiz, do anything missing, catch up in 
1/20: Classwork: MobyMax

1/23: 8 problem explanations (from classwork)
1/24: 5-48 to 5-52 a/b (all extra credit)
1/25: Review today, no new homework. Please keep Tuesday's and turn it in 
1/26: 5-64 to 5-65 all

1/30: 5-61 to 5-63 all
1/31: Worksheet #5.3.1 - Find the Area and Perimeter of Figure 1, Find 
the area 
of figure 2. (3 problems total)
2/1: 5-71 to 5-75 a/b, all extra credit
2/2: 5-80 to 5-84 a/b (all extra credit)

2/6: Quiz (In class) - you may retake at home. Missing/Absent/Retake/ 
(See what you missed on Google Classroom)
2/7: Review quiz/ Show work - may take home and turn in Wednesday.
2/8: 5.3.3 5-91 to 5-95 all
2/9: No new math
2/10: You may retake take-home quiz (Quiz returned today)

2/13: 5-101 to 5-105 a/b (all extra credit)
2/14: 5-106 to 5-113 all
2/15: Correct Closure
2/16: Chapter 5 review game
2/17:No School

2/20: No School
2/21: Open Math Binder, Chapter 5 test
2/22: 6-5 to 6-14 a/b (all extra credit)
2/23: 6-21 to 6-25 a/b (all extra credit)
2/24: No new math, please work on retakes and turn in yesterday's math on 

2/27: 6-33 to 6-42 a/b (all extra credit)
2/28: 6-51 to 6-60 A only (all extra credit)
3/1: No new math, each student given a printout to see if they have any 
3/2: No new math, each student given a printout to see if they have any 
missing/absent/retakes (end of quarter next Friday - get your grades up!)

3/6: 6-69 to 6-80 a/b (all extra credit)
3/7: 6-86 to 6-90 all
3/8: 6-96 to 6-100 a/b (all extra credit)
3/9: Bonus/ Extra Credit trangle problem (extra credit) given out in 
class. All work due NEXT TUESDAY due to Mr. H. being ill
3/10: End of 3rd 1/4, all retakes and missing/absent due

3/13: Any 3rd quarter work and bring your math binder tomorrow. Please 
bring pies if you can. 
3/14: Pi Day! 6-106 - 6-110 a/b (all extra credit)
3/15: 6-116 to 6-120 a/b

3/20: Chapter 6 Closure, 6-120 to 6-127 a (you can do more if you need the 
review) Answers are in the book - not on CPM.org
3/21: Open Note Chapter 6 Test (no new math homework - tests returned 
tomorrow.) If you did not do something last week or the review last night, 
do it tonight!
3/22: Math tests returned. Retake (Due next Wednesday, come to homework 
club for help. MUST SHOW WORK on another sheet of paper to get credit.)
3/23: 7-9 to 7-13 a/b (all extra credit)

3/27: 7-20 to 7-23 a/b (all extra credit) We did the first one (a tough 
together in class.
3/28: 7-30 to 7-34 a/b (all extra credit)
3/29: No new math homework, please check Aeries and do any missing/absent 
3/30: 7-44 to 7-48 a/b all extra credit

4/3: 7.2.2 All review and practice problems. 30 minutes to start in class 
52 to 7-56 all
4/4: No new math - check Aeries for retakes or missing work. Start getting 
ready for Feather Falls!
4/5: Get ready for Feather Falls!
4/6 to 4/17: Do any missing/absent/retakes. Check Aeries, practice math on 
Moby Max (Extra credit if you do at least an hour over break). Review the 
practice math questions - link on our homepage.

4/18: 7-64 to 7-68 a/b all extra credit
4/19: No new math homework. Check Aeries, retake, A/R and get your science 
fair project done.
4/20: 7-86 to 7-90 a/b (do not do 7-88) all is extra credit

4/24: Math review all week, State testing in math next week. Review 
packet, 1-12
4/25: Review packet 13-24
4/26: Review packet 25-36
4/27: Review packet 37-50
4/28: Final review in class

5/1: Finish Science Fair Project!
5/2: No math, Science fair is tonight 5:30-7pm!

5/8 - 5/12: State Testing/ math

Get a great sleep and breakfast. No new homework. A great week to catch up 
A/R and check Aeries for anything missing/absent or retake.

5/15: 7-96 to 7-100 a/b only. (extra credit for all)
5/16: 7-107 to 7-111 a/b (all extra credit)
5/17: No new math - check Aeries, missing/absent/A/R/ Yearbook covers or 
Logo contest
5/18: 7-121 to 7-130 a only (all extra credit)
5/19: Pop Quiz! (Shhhh - don't tell anyone, it is open note and most 
problems are from the homework this week....)

5/22:Closure, Chapter 7 7-131 to 7-138 all, Answers are in the book, 45 
minutes to start in class
5/23: Chapter 7 Open math  notebook test
5/24: Retake Math test (returned today) and check Aeries
5/26: No School/ Potential Weather Make-up Day

5/29: No School/ Memorial day
5/30: Final STAR assessments, WS 17/19 odds (all for extra credit)
5/31: Math Textbooks due
6/1: Volume WS 111 (Due Friday)
6/2: All missing/absent retakes due.

6/5: E6 Camp!
6/6: E6 Camp!
6/7: E6 Camp!/ Minimum Day, Home around lunchtime
6/8: Last Day/ Minimum Day

Homework Help! Go to cpm.org and click on the student tab on the left. No 
password required for this site.

This year our math book is online!!! (Copy and paste the line below in 
browser) http://ho4011.textbooks.cpm.org


If that site will not work, just go to CPM.org and click on student help 
the left. There is help for almost every problem there!

*If you genuinely spend more than 30 minutes on homework (in addition to 
time we spent on it in class), you may write a note to me where you 
and have a parent sign it. The goal is to be able to do what is assigned 
the time allotted in class plus about 30 minutes. Get to homework club and 
ask questions so we can help you increase your speed and accuracy. Another 
online resource for help in math, multiple videos on various topics:

- to 

Our old series of math has some resources online:

Go to: http://my.hrw.com
username: evergreen6, password:evergreen6

MATH - Always SHOW YOUR WORK! Remember to always check your odd problems 
the back of the book for the answers. (to be sure you are doing it 
correctly.) All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise 

Late classwork/homework: 60% 

Math Retake Policy

Tests must be retaken within a week
Continue getting help from me, home or Academic Support until you earn 

Average the 2 scores (70% minimum)

Homework:“Credit” =‘s 95%

Bonus - offered occasionally on nightly homework. If right, 110%


(Copy and paste the address above in a new tab.)

Your username is: Your first initial, no space, then the first 5 letters 
your last name. (As 
is on your schedule.) Your password is the last 4 numbers of your student 
number - the same you check grades with.

For Example, my username would be: GHolma
My Password would be 1234