Practice test!

Volcano search site.

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What is the weather like in Paradise? (Thanks to PHS R.O.P.)

6th grade camp! We attend Plumas-Eureka State Park the last week 
school. Click below for more information about the park.

Stock Market Symbol Look Up. (you enter a company name, this 
will tell you the abbreviation used on the stock market)

Here is a link to the USFS website - the same department that led 
hikes in Magalia. Can you find Plumas National Forest?

Talk about "out of this world" - so you want to SEE the 
Station without going to space? All you need is this link, and a 
night. (Check the degrees - you may need to find a clear spot 
without too 
many trees. Neal Road?) Good Luck!

Instruction on how to re-use a paper grocery bag as a textbook 

Great Moon Site!

Volcano World! Links to sites for specific volcanoes.. all around 
the world! 
Have fun!

Great educational family entertainment! Thursday-Sunday (Clear 
it is FREE!

Southeastern US visible satellite map @

Mt. Saint Helens has been very active lately - click here for a 

World earthquakes from the last 30 days.... more than you might 

Alex Sobrero & her mom found a great website about hurricane 
Thanks - I never new this!

Here is quiz you can take after looking at the last link. NO 

Do not look here:

Monster Pogo stick!  (only $300!)

Local News...

Fun math and science games. Homework help. You can even type in 
spelling words and get help studying them...

Thanks to Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Sobrero for coming to Evergreen to 
discuss stocks. Click below to go to the A.G. Edwards Kids 
website for 
games and other activities related to stocks!

Voice magazine is a poetry and art work magazine where our past 
students and current E6 students have put in their work. Any 
student in 
Paradise can do it. It is a very creative magazine that will 
bring down the 
tears and the smiles. Check it out in Mrs. Behlke's room or at 
the web 

Here is a website Eva found for nutitional facts at your favorite 
fast food 

Shannon found this website to help you not to eat so much fast 
well did you know that only 1 double whopper hanburger has 95% of 
your daily fat calories thats grose. go one the site to see more!

A very complete moon site...

GO TO MARS! Click here for the latest on the Mars expedition!

Earth Science Word Scramble. (11 words Plus one "Hidden" word!) 
Good Luck!

Want to see the International Space Station from earth? Click 

Teachers - Great site for reproducible maps!

Multiplication Flashcards Game - Time yourself. How fast can you 

Alex P has found this great free encyclopedia website. Click here 
for info 
on virtually anything! Thanks Alex!

A MEGA search engine!

PG&E Solar Schools program

Stock Symbol  Lookup

Evergreen 6 solar monitoring Website

3/24/06 PPAC Lazer show link

Flying Club Source for Planes  - be sure to have a HUGE field!

Primary Source Website


Website to find an aerial view of your house:

Earth Science Week Contests October 2006

Earthquake Question 1
Latest Earthquakes with magnitude in California

Earthquake questions 2-6
The Great San Francisco Earthquake

Earthquake Questions 7-10

10/17/06 Science Earthquake assignment answers...

Ryan K and Dustin L found a great source for popular volcano 

Evergreen 6's very own Accellerated Reader site! We now have 
access to over 
100,000 AR quizzes on this site- yay!

Largest Prime Number Known!

Stock Market Education

BCOE A/V Checkout

Giggle Poetry- a fun site with lots of poetry activities.

Poetry Guy- one more fun poetry site to explore.

Live Webcams from around the world! (I really like the one on 
Pier 39 that you can control in real time....)