Sunday, June 18th

Hello and I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, spending time with family and staying cool. Thanks again for a great school year. After camp, a red Coleman lantern has turned up missing. It has a name on it. If somehow it ended up with it in their stuff, please email I will help you get it to the owner. (They need it this weekend.)

Thanks again for a great year!

Thursday, June 8th

Wow, did that school year fly by?!
Thanks to everyone who made camp possible. From weather, to shopping, things went very smoothly thanks to so many parent volunteers! Not sure that everyone knows this, but Mr. Snyder plans all of camp, and he works on various part all year long. In fact, right now he is organizing the camp gear and inventory for next year as this is typed. Thanks Mr. Snyder!

Right now 8 students are missing textbooks, A/R books, or PINT library books. The total value is more than $500. Please return them tomorrow morning between 9-12. Go to the PINT office and they can tell you what room our meeting is in. We will give you your yearbook when we get the books or their replacement value. After tomorrow you will be billed.

As promised, here are a few pictures from camp. If you want the group photo, email and we will send it to you. Please mention who you are in the email so we know we are sending it to an Evergreenian!


Finally, enjoy a restful summer with family and friends. Stay safe, buckle up and come by and visit your "old teachers" next year!

Friday, June 2

Panoramic picture link:

View and purchase at the above link.


Thursday, June 1st
Tomorrow is our annual E6 Panoramic Picture! Please wear an E6 shirt or green. It will be at 9:45. The order form will be available tomorrow - same as the one above.

Tent set up tomorrow! Please bring your tent for camp. We will be able to label them and try them out to be sure all of the pieces are there.

We have 26 textbooks and 22 A/R books still out, This would cost more than $2000 to replace. Please return ASAP. All students with everything in will receive a free E6 yearbook the last day of school. (PINT yearbooks are on sale at the office for $25.)

Camp lists came home today. Please check them carefully to be sure you have everything you told your group you can bring.

Only a few students are still missing work. Check Aeries to be sure to finish strong!

Wednesday, May 31

Swimming tomorrow morning. Be sure have all of your books in and your grades are a C or higher to get the full hour and a half.

All textbooks and A/R books are now due. If you want to turn them in, Mr. Holman will have his room open before school at 8:15.

Math was mistakenly only given to one class. It will not be due until Friday.

Camp planning is tomorrow and Friday at 2pm. Each group should have a shopper to price their items Thursday night if possible.

Camp permission slips are out. Please return them this week.

Tent Set Up is Friday! Please bring your tents to school (you can leave them over the weekend) so that you can be sure you have all of the parts and can set it up as a group.

Another checklist of what to bring will be passed out tomorrow. There is a copy on our website.

Camp shoppers arrive at Savemart Monday morning at 7am. All other campers will need to be at school regular time (8:30) on Monday. We will return Wednesday between 12-2pm.

Wednesday, May 24

Oops, forgot that we have pancake breakfast tomorrow!

We have a lot of kids at 97% or higher - you are invited to breakfast @ 7:45am @ the E6 lab. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 23

3 weeks left! Please check Aeries and keep reading!

Social Studies books due now, Science and Math next week.

Swimming this Thursday and next Thursday! Thanks to PINT PE, they have found 2 hours this Thursday and 1 hour next Thursday. All students will swim this Thursday for an hour. Those students with all grades a C or better will get a bonus hour!

This Thursday is a school carnival to celebrate all of the hard work on testing the past few weeks. Tickets and talon tokens will be the currency. 

The next 2 days, we are starting camp planning. All parents welcome to help from 1-1:45 both days.

Camp money was due last week. Please turn in $25 ASAP if you have not.

A/R books are due for the PINT library now and for E6 next week. All students who have all of their books, fees and cafeteria charges taken care of will receive a free E6 yearbook.

Thanks for reading the newsflash!

Tuesday, May 9th

Way to go team solar boat! Thanks to the huge support from the community and parents - E6 sixth through eighth graders were Regatta Cup Winners last Friday! They won every racing event against 17 middle and high schools and were invited to return and race 17 colleges and universities the following day.

And... E6 was able to be faster than all 17 on Saturday as well! A huge thank you to all of the parents and sponsors that made this happen the past 6 years - we are extremely grateful!

With State Math testing this week, please be sure to get a great sleep and breakfast. Less homework means a great chance to get ahead on A/R and any missing work /retakes.


Monday, May 1st

Science Fair/Open House Tomorrow!

Camp Meeting (optional) 6:30-7pm

There will be at least 2 hours to finish the boards in class, Tuesday. Bring everything you need to set up your experiment an finish your board by the end of the day.

Thanks for signing up for and reading the newsflash!

Monday, April 24
Thanks for all of the help Saturday! With the car wash, bake sale and rummage sale, E6 students earned almost $800! 

After fundraising, camp (June 5-7) will only cost $25! Well done. Thank you to the army of students and parent volunteers that helped set up, sell and clean up.

This week is ELA testing and next week is testing for math. Please make every effort to be at school on time and get a good sleep. A nice breakfast helps as well.

Science Fair! Most students have done their science fair project and now we are putting it all together. They will have at least an hour each day in class (type, print, title, graph, edit, get help) all this week and at least 90 minutes on next Monday and Tuesday. Science Fair/ Open House is at E6 on Tuesday, May 2nd, from 5:30-7pm. (Please note that PINT has Open House on Thursday, May4th - some will be gone at solar boat.)
Solar boat is rapidly approaching. (We leave after school on Thursday, May 4th.)  We have a brief meeting this Friday to confirm tents and rides. All permission slips are due this Friday. The weather and other factors have made testing difficult this year. We are hoping to have it all together to test Sunday - please stay tuned for more info.

Finally, please be on the lookout for a camp chaperone letter soon. We will need several chaperones and drivers for our end of year camp, June 5-7 (Monday-Wednesday.)

Whew! That was a lot! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 19


Please go through your closets and garage for items for our sale this weekend. Thanks to those who have signed up with Mr. Snyder for car wash, bake sale and rummage sale help. Thanks to those who are checking if they can help. Please bring items any day, but especially after school Friday. We will be setting up until about 4:30 on Friday. Remember that every dollar makes camp cheaper. 

Science Fair! Next week I will see who needs a science fair board. If you prefer one larger or more colorful than the dollar store, you may want to be on the lookout. We will begin putting our boards together at the end of next week in class.

State testing begins next week. Please get plenty of rest and do our best to be at school and do your best. Show off what you know!


We have a report of a tick found on a student. Please check carefully when you get home. Also, wash your clothes (especially jeans) to remove any poison oak you may have brushed up against.


Thursday, April 6th
Wow! At 7:30am, we were not sure what we were going to do. Chaperones voted to go for it, and we are so very glad we did! 73 people hiked over 650 miles today! In the rain!! That is like walking from here to Mexico! We cannot thank our drivers and chaperones enough. That hike is not easy on a clear day. Today all of you made it faster than any other group in the past. Several groups worked as a team to make it happen and help students that were not as fast or less prepared. Everyone enjoy your extra long spring break and we will see all of you April 18th!

Thanks again to our amazing chaperones! Please send any pictures you would like to share and potentially be in the yearbook to Also, do not worry about the assignment - the rain made it rather tough. We will review it when we return. Everyone earned 100%! 
Wednesday, April 5
Looks like the weather is going to hold for tomorrow! There is still at 10-20% chance of scattered showers - please pack and dress accordingly. Please be at school at 7:30, as soon as your car is ready you may check out and leave. The cafeteria is open at 7:30 to give out lunches to all who signed up for one. 

Spring break is a great chance to spend time with family and get caught up. Every student is signed off on their science project and has until April 20th to do the experiment. (We will make the graphs and conclusion in class.) Also, most students are catching up with grades and we only have a few left that are below a C. All of those folks received a printout today so they know what to do to get caught up. 

Finally, Spring break (especially the rainy days) is a perfect time to get caught up on A/R. Please be sure you have a book, or check one out when you return to E6 and you are waiting to be picked up. Thanks for reading the Newsflash!

Monday, April 3


Feather Falls Thursday! Thanks to all who have agreed to drive and chaperone. Please turn in your permission slips ASAP and be at school Thursday morning at 7:30am. The forecast is for a chance of showers on and off in the morning. It will be great hiking weather if everyone is prepared. Please have a waterproof layer, long pants and a backpack for your lunch and water. A hat would be a good choice as well.

Science Fair procedures are have been checked off since last Friday. A few students still need to get them signed off by Wednesday. Once signed off, do your experiment by Thursday, April 20th. That day we will begin making the results graph and conclusion in class.

Several students have been getiing in work, improving their grades and reaching their A/R goals. Keep up the great work!

Finally, a few weeks after break will be the annual state testing. Below if the link for practice questions in all grades if you are interested in taking a look.

Wednesday, March 8th

This message is from Greg Holman:

Dear Students and Parents,

I am writing this message to apologize for how long it has taken me to get things back the past two weeks. Monday, I took one of only 2-3 sick days I have taken for myself in the past 21 years. I realized several families have faced this cold and it is a tough one! Since the quarter ends Friday, I want to extend my deadline to Tuesday 3/14 (Pi Day) for any work or retakes. We will even devote 2 hours of classtime  Monday to get caught up. All year I have returned tests the next day, and I know getting volcano reports back has taken longer. All work will be returned by Monday. I am optimistic that I will be much better by next week, and will return to the normal returned work schedule as well as a huge increase in solar boat activity. A special thank you to Warren Thompson for submitting all of the solar boat paperwork on time today!

Thanks to everyone for the understanding and here is wishing health to everyone!

-Mr. H.

Tuesday, February 28
Oops! We forgot 2 important things!

Papers going out for driver/chaperones for our Feather Falls Hike: Thursday, April 6th (The day before Spring Break)

Flyers are in both classrooms for spring pictures: Next Thursday, March 9th.

Monday, February 27
End of quarter is next Friday! All students who are passing their classes and keeping up in A/R will be invited to help with the annual 5th grade visit. Check Aeries and be sure you are caught up!

This Friday is our quarterly pancake breakfast. Be at the E6 lab at 7:45 to enjoy a free breakfast, cooked by your teachers. Only thing you need to be invited is 72% of your A/R goal.

Book orders are our and due this Friday. Look through them for some good deals, almost every book is A/R!

Finally, there is a minimum day this Thursday. Please make arrangements to be picked up at 1pm. 

Thursday, February 16
What a busy week! I hope that this email finds you and your family safe and ready to enjoy the 4 day weekend. We wanted to take this chance to thank all of the chaperones for making our Chico State field trip a success last week! Crazy weather, but we were all able to enjoy a great show!

Our next field trip is Feather Falls, Thursday April 6th. Some have already signed up in August, but we wanted to put the date out there to remind folks to take time off if needed. Additionally, we need drivers and chaperones for our 21st annual camp, this year will be June 5-7.

Most students did a great job completing their volcano report rough draft. There should be at least 6 solid paragraphs with transition sentences. We will be editing in class the end of next week and one assignment will be to have an adult edit a copy. Plenty of time this long weekend to log in to Google Classroom and add more detail!

Aeries is updated, so please check. We have a large number of "no name" papers hanging on the wall.

Stay tuned for a pancake breakfast day for 3rd 1/4 A/R! (around 75%)

Solar boat paperwork is due Tuesday. We will see how many sign up and then give students who have contributed most priority. Look for our next meetings on Basecamp next week.

Finally, if anyone has a spare vacuum that works and they do not need, our vacuum (to use between custodian cleanings or after an art project) is almost dead. We would be happy to give it a new home. :)

Thanks for subscribing to and reading the Newsflash!

Wednesday, February 8

Chico State is a go! Exactly enough seats! Thanks again for those who were able to free up their schedule and go. Students go to elective in the morning and will be excused at 9:10. Pick up their lunch on the way up to E6 if they ordered one and leave as soon as their group is here. Drivers, please arrive at E6 between 9-9:10.

We will need to meet up at Laxon and go in together. We should all be back at school by 2:15.(School gets out at regular time)

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a rainjacket. Lunch and waterbottle should be in their backpacks. (Will not need the regular items in the backpack - only elective stuff and an A/R book.)

Monday, February 6
We have exactly enough seats for Thursday! Thanks to all who volunteered. Permission slips will come home tomorrow. Please sign up for a lunch with Mr. Snyder on Tuesday if you need one. Thanks!

Sunday, February 5


Hope everyone had a restful weekend with family. We are still short 20 seats to our field trip to Chico State Thursday. 14 students said they are a "maybe" with a couple saying paperwork would be in Monday. Please check your schedules and see if it will work. We will email out an update after school tomorrow. (Trip is 9:30 until about 2:15.)

Thursday, February 2
Urgent! We only have 34 seats for the field trip to Chico State next Thursday. Please check your schedule - we need drivers. 19 students have said that they are "maybes," but we need to know for sure. Forms can be found on the desk right inside Mr. Holman's room.

Monday, January 16

We hope everyone has had a great weekend! Last week was a great start to our 3rd quarter.

We have our last load of oranges that were picked today. These are the same trees as before break. The oranges are very sweet and ready to be eaten. The past sales paid for ice skating and part of our Chico field trip in February. These will finish the cost of that field trip and start helping for camp. Still just $5 a bag - please return the old bags if you have them.

We still need several driver/chaperones for our Chico State trip Ferbruary 9th. Please see Mr. Holman for the form.

Thanks for reading the newsflash!

Monday, December 19
Last 3 days of the quarter! All work and A/R tests due Wednesday. No new required homework so this is a great short week to get your grades up! Homework Club today and tomorrow.

Permission slips for caroling tomorrow @ Atria Senior Center

Oranges for sale - just picked yesterday, $5 a bag! (Please return bags)

Evergreen holiday party on Wednesday - please sign up if you can bring items with Mr. Snyder.

Wednesday, reward A/R breakfast at 7:45am in the lab.(Must be at 45% or higher)

Thank you for reading the Newsflash!


Thursday, December 15
So hard to believe listening to the rain come down right now, ice skating is still on for tomorrow!

We still have several that need to turn in their permission slips. Please have them signed and ready to go. 

We start walking about 10:10. Skating 11-12, your bagged lunch or school lunch at the park on the way back. We should be back to school by 1:30.
(All parents welcome to walk, meet us there, skate or not - just show up!)

Do not forget: Layers of clothes, 2 pair of socks (or 1 thick pair), water, lunch and a good attitude.
Skating paid through orange sales. We still have about 10 bags left for $5 each. We hope to pick more this weekend and have a bunch for sale next week until they run out. Please return bags when you are done.

Last but not least, A/R goals and work due next Wednesday. (Last day of the quarter/semester.)

End this semester strong!

Wednesday, December 14

Ice Skating rescheduled for this Friday, 11-12am! Please change the date on the permission slip, initial it and send it back to school. All parents welcome! Walk over with us at 10am or meet us there from 11-12. You do not need to skate. (But you are welcome to!)

Monday, December 12

Just a week and a half left in the quarter - please check Aeries and keep those grades up! This is a great time to take a few A/R tests to  boost your Language Arts grades. 

Last week, permission slips were sent home for ice skating Wednesday. It will very likely rain Wednesday. If it does, we have sent a request to Parks and Rec to get a reschedule day. If we can get another time, we will send the permission slips home again for a date change. (You would only need to initial the date change.)

We will have some bags of oranges for sale starting today - $5 a bag! The rest should be ready to pick by next weekend and be for sale next week. The bags and oranges are donated. Every penny goes to field trips and camp for students. (Please return bags so we can use them again.)

Homework Club is Monday and Thursday this week only. (Staff meeting Tuesday)

Solar boat meeting Thursday! 3-4:15. We will walk over to the boat shed (next to the Grange) and get a tour of the shed and overview of the boat from 7th and 8th grade students. Please sign up on Basecamp for any businesses or individuals you think might be interested in supporting our team.

Thanks for signing up for and reading the Newsflash!

Wednesday, November 16
Correction! Adopt a soldier items due tomorrow, canned food Friday. We only have a couple of cans for all of E6 and a couple of dollars for Adopt a Soldier. Please contribute if you are able.

Tuesday, November 15:

Please see picture below about the Paradise Intermediate Food Drive and Adopt a Soldier.
All items due Friday, please contribute if you can.


Solar boat meeting after school Friday until 4pm.
Next week is Thanksgiving break.

Friday, October 21
Great to see so many students moving up with A/R and getting their work in this week! In Mr. Snyder's class, a green parent conference letter was sent home. (Sorry, Mr. Holman's class will get it Monday.) Please choose 2-3 possible times. You can respond by email or note. We will tell each student which conference time is available on a 1st come, 1st serve notice. Each student only needs to do 1 conference in the class they have in the afternoon. Here is what was on the letter:

Dear Parents,

We would like to meet with families for Student Led Conferences. Grades will be finalized and mailed out by the end of the week. Additionally, Student Led Conferences will begin next week. Students with all A's and B's, close to or past their A/R goal and good citizenship, will have the option to do their conference at home. If you would like to meet with your homeroom teacher, then choose three from the following time slots available below: (30 minutes each) sign and return this form. If the times listed below don’t work, please contact us to see if we can find an alternate time. Thank You.

Snyder Schedule:            

Tuesday 10/25:





Wednesday 10/26:






Thursday 10/27:





Friday 10/28:





Tuesday 11/1:






Holman Schedule:

Tuesday 10/25:


Wednesday 10/26:






Thursday 10/27:





Friday 10/28:





Tuesday 11/1:







Wednesday, October 12
Quick reminder - end of quarter Friday! Students who want to turn in missing/absent, retakes or take A/R tests must do it by Friday. The only exception is math. Students are currently taking an open-notebook test on Chapter 2. They will get it back by Friday and can retake it by Monday after school at homework club.

All students below a C in math and science were given a list of what they need to do to bring up their grade today.

Rainy weather Friday, please dress accordingly. Thanks for checking Newsflash and Aeries!

Finally, there is a senior at PHS helping students on Tuesday and Thursday at the Paradise Library from 4-5pm. Free tutoring for math, English or science - no appointment necessary. Call 872-6320 if you need more information or pick up a flier at E6.

Thursday, October 6
Congratulations for all who are eligible for the pancake breakfast tomorrow! All with 15% of their goal are welcome at E6 tomorrow at 7:45am. (All students should have 25% by next Friday - the end of the quarter.) Please get all absent/missing and retakes done by then. We have seen a lot of students improving their grades recently - way to go!

Wednesday, September 28:

Lassen tomorrow! Weather looks great! Thanks to all of the volunteers, see you at Evergreen at 7am. Here is a copy of what students put in their planner last week to bring on the trip:
-layers (45-63 degrees in the forecast with a breeze.)
-Lots of water!
-Lunch (pick it up before you leave)
-TP (a little in a ziplock bag)
-Sturdy boots/shoes/extra socks
-Positive attitude!
-trash bag or waterproof layer

a few dollars for the park store

We should return between 4-6. Students can call when they get back, no need to wait at school. Remember, no school Friday. 

A few folks have to turn in their permission slips still, please arrive early so we can make a copy.

Wednesday, September 21

Attention all readers! E6 teachers would like to make breakfast for all students who are at 15% of their A/R goal by Friday, October 7th. Be sure to read 2 hours at home each week in addition to our in school reading to easily reach your goal. Breakfast will be served at 7:45am that day for all who qualify.

Hope to have Lassen permission slips to send home Friday. Weather is looking perfect for the hike next week! Please arrive at school on Thursday the 29th at 7am. Most groups will return between 4-6pm.

Progress reports are being mailed home this week for a few students currently getting a D or and F in any subject. If you are in that category, all you need to do is get in the missing work and or retake any tests with low scores. Reminder, E6 Homework Club is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school until 3:45. (Except the 2nd Tuesday of the month.) Our neighbors at Creekside have morning homework club available every morning at 7:30am.

Solar Boat Kick-off meeting this Friday, September 23rd after school until 3:30. If you cannot make it but you are still interested, please let Mr. H. know.

Thanks for reading the Newsflash!

Tuesday, August 31st
Great turn out last night! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. If you were not, the entire Powerpoint is at the bottom of this page. One correction - homework club is every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at E6 until 3:45. EXCEPT THE 2ND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH. (Staff meetings.)

A few people have asked for field trip dates, here they are:

Thursday, 9/29 - Mt. Lassen
Thursday, 2/9 - Laxon Auditorium, Chico
Thursday, 4/6 - Feather Falls Hike
June 5-7 - Camp at Plumas-Eureka State Park

Chaperones and drivers are needed for all. Please see Mr. H. if you can drive for Lassen. We have about 8-10 maybes right now and we need about 25 more student seats.

Thanks again for signing up and reading this Newsflash!

Monday, August 30th
Back to School night is tomorrow, 8/30 from 6-7:30pm.

Meet in the gym at 6pm, then go to electives at 6:18 (find out which elective from your students)
6:30 to 7:30 will be at Evergreen (Start in Mr. Snyder's class - E4)
If you are interested in helping with solar boat, there will be a brief meeting and sign up after Back to School night in Mr. Holman's class. (E2)

Sign-ups to volunteer and a chance to meet Kathie, our volunteer librarian will be in the E6 lab.

Friday, August 26

Homework Club begins next week! Monday, Tuesday (except 1st Tuesday of the month) and Thursdays from 2:45-3:45 in the E6 lab. Open for all and free! You can go to homework club and then Boy's and Girl's Club if you wish after. Great chance to get your homework done with help from a teacher.

Back To School Night is Tuesday 6-7:30. Meet in the gym to start!

E6 shirts are for sale - $8, water bottles -$4 We are out of some sizes, but they are ordered and should be in by next Friday. Please try to wear them (or green) on Friday's and field trips.

Mt. Lassen Field Trip, Thursday, September 29th. Chaperones Needed, please see Mr. H. for insurance forms.

Thanks to Officer Jordan for speaking to both classes today! Please review with your student some of the safety concerns that were discussed.

Thanks to all of the students who are logging the reading into their planners, and staying organized! If you missed anything this week, the weekend is a great opportunity to catch up. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 23:


Cross Country Team! We just received the notice for Cross Country. This is a great activity for kids, here is the info:
-Practices every Monday and Tuesday, 3:15-4:15
-Open to all 6/7/8 graders
-Show up at the upper field, dressed ready to run.
Questions, Call coach Tony Swangler @ 530 514-8611

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to subscribe to the Evergreen 6 newsflash (email updates 1-5 times a month) for the 2016-17 school year.

Dear Future E6 Students and Families,

Welcome to Evergreen 6!

As you get ready for school, we thought it might be helpful if we shared some details with you. Evergreen 6 is a program within Paradise Intermediate School. We share their office, administration, cafeteria, elective teachers and school hours (8:26am-2:46 pm). Wednesdays are early out at 1:50pm. There is no supervision at Evergreen 6 in the mornings. Students arriving before school starts must report to the Intermediate School cafeteria until excused to class. Evergreen students ride the Intermediate School buses. Please call transportation to find out your route (872-6484).

At Evergreen 6, students use organizers/planners. These will be provided in the first week of school. Students should expect to read at least two hours per week at home in their A.R. books. Outside of reading, homework usually averages about 45-60 minutes a night, which includes all the core subjects: Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.

Supplies students need include: pens, pencils, a 3 ring binder, 8 1/2” X 11” wide ruled paper (3 holes), white board markers, and a few spiral-bound notebooks. Optional Supplies include: an empty Pringles can (for science the first weeks of school), glue sticks, and a calculator.

The following are some items from our Evergreen 6 Wish List: boxes of tissue, used books for our library, postage for the book-swap program we use (, Band-Aids, assorted prizes for our raffles, playground equipment, Box-Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soup labels, and landscape tools such as shovels, rakes, gloves, etc.

For more information about our program, please visit our website at: and sign up at the bottom of that page for our Newsflash. We look forward to meeting you and your family at our Evergreen 6 snow cone get-together and we are excited about starting a new school year with a wonderful new class!


Evergreen 6 Staff


To help get a head start on the year, we encourage students to find a book to read that they can use to start off the year ahead towards their reading goal. We will allow everyone to take a test on one book they have read during the summer. For good ideas of what to read, we recommend this site:


In 6thgrade, we study the following:


Science: Earth Science

Focus (volcanoes, weathering, earthquakes, energy, etc.)


Math: Pre-Algebra

(Strengthening and expanding on what you learned in 5thgrade)


Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations


English/ Language Arts: Fostering your skills in

reading, writing, spelling and grammar as well as public speaking


Spend some time to look around our website and you will find many links to past projects, interesting things and some links with games that will help you brush up on your academic skills.

Supplies Needed for School:


3 ring binder w/dividers & 70 pages of paper
 8 1/2” X 11” wide rule paper (3 holes)


Optional Supplies:


An empty Pringles can (for science the first weeks of school)
Water bottle (clear only)
Glue stick
A box of tissue to share with the class



Powerpoint from E6 Back to School Night: