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Thursday, September 7th

For all readers at 5% of their A/R goal or higher:

7:45 Pancake Breakfast tommorrow in the E6 lab!

We hope that everyone can be at 10% of their goal by Friday.

A trumpet came up missing after school today. Mr. Light, the custodian, the teachers and several other staff and students searched for over an hour. If you have any information or happened to pick it up by accident, please email Mr. H. ASAP. There is a reward.

Thank you for checking Aeries and signing up for this newsflash!

Wednesday, August 30th
Most students have signed up for Aeries in class. Their sign-up code should be in their planner. We encourage all families to be able to look at Aeries to see current attendance and grades in all classes. 

Tomorrow is Back-to-School Night! It starts in the gym at 5:30. After a short presentation, come on up to Evergreen to find out about our year.

Our Lassen hike is coming up October 6th! Please see the green flyer sent last week. Thanks to those who returned it and can drive/chaperone. Still looking for several more drivers to make this possible. Insurance forms are available from Mr. H.

Picture day is Thursday, September 7th. Handouts are in both classrooms and packets will go home soon.

Thank you for signing up for and reading the Newsflash - hope to see you tomorrow night!

Field Trips scheduled so far (chaperones needed for all)
Friday, October 6th - Mt. Lassen
Thursday, March 29th - Feather Falls Hike
Monday-Wednesday, June 4-6 - Camp at Plumas-Eureka State Park

Tuesday, August 15
First Day of School was great! Thanks to everyone for a great day! Please check your planner for homework (very little this week) and take this short week to get back in the swing of school. A couple of items to know:

We could use Pringle's cans (empty), brown paper bags and tissue (for the class.)

Also, our water fountain is broken. Please bring a water bottle so that you do not need to walk far to get a drink. 

Thanks again for a great day - we look forward to a great year!

Dear Future E6 Students and Families,

Welcome to Evergreen 6!

As you get ready for school, we thought it might be helpful if we shared some details with you. Evergreen 6 is a program within Paradise Intermediate School. We share their office, administration, cafeteria, elective teachers and school hours (8:26am-2:46 pm). Wednesdays are early out at 1:50pm. There is no supervision at Evergreen 6 in the mornings. Students arriving before school starts must report to the Intermediate School cafeteria until excused to class. Evergreen students ride the Intermediate School buses. Please call transportation to find out your route (872-6484).

At Evergreen 6, students use organizers/planners. These will be provided in the first week of school. Students should expect to read at least two hours per week at home in their A.R. books. Outside of reading, homework usually averages about 45-60 minutes a night, which includes all the core subjects: Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.

Supplies students need include: pens, pencils, a 3 ring binder, 8 1/2” X 11” wide ruled paper (3 holes), white board markers, a 3 ringed binder for math and a few spiral-bound notebooks. Optional Supplies include: an empty Pringles can (for science the first weeks of school), glue sticks, and a calculator.

The following are some items from our Evergreen 6 Wish List: boxes of tissue, used books for our library, Band-Aids, assorted prizes for our raffles, playground equipment, Box-Tops for Education, Campbell’s Soup labels, and landscape tools such as shovels, rakes, gloves, etc.

For more information about our program, please explore our website and sign up at the bottom of that page for our Newsflash. We look forward to meeting you and your family and we are excited about starting a new school year with a wonderful new class!


Evergreen 6 Staff


To help get a head start on the year, we encourage students to find a book to read that they can use to start off the year ahead towards their reading goal. We will allow everyone to take a test on one book they have read during the summer. For good ideas of what to read, we recommend this site:


In 6thgrade, we study the following:


Science: Earth Science

Focus (volcanoes, weathering, earthquakes, energy, etc.)


Math: Pre-Algebra

(Strengthening and expanding on what you learned in 5thgrade)


Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations


English/ Language Arts: Fostering your skills in

reading, writing, spelling and grammar as well as public speaking


Spend some time to look around our website and you will find many links to past projects, interesting things and some links with games that will help you brush up on your academic skills.

Supplies Needed for School:


3 ring binder w/dividers & 70 pages of paper
8 1/2” X 11” wide rule paper (3 holes)


Optional Supplies:


An empty Pringles can (for science the first weeks of school)
Water bottle (clear only)
Glue stick
A box of tissue to share with the class



Powerpoint from E6 Back to School Night: