Turning Green TV Video About Evergreen 6

From the Turning Green Website: "Welcome to a new and exciting web series that focuses on "green" and sustainable, businesses, groups and practices right here in the north state region of California. The goal is to showcase & connect environmental professionals, educators, and advocates, with a vision that provides information sharing to a viewing audience. Rather than making "Turning Green" into a political or divisive platform, our design is to present a more positive message... and what the individual spirit can do to make his/her own imprint on a more sustainable future. Although this series is produced regionally, from the Sacramento region on up north into Southern Oregon, it's message reaches beyond those geographic borders. Our aim is to deliver a web/broadcast program that allows the viewer to see what is being done right... right here in our own corner of the world. And that each of us can make a positive impact on the environment and a more sustainable & green future." Here is the link to the video about our program, thanks Bruce Jans! (Please cut and paste the following link into your browser) http://www.turninggreentv.com/evergreen.html