Accelerated Reader

Evergreen 6's very own Accelerated Reader site! We now have access 
to over 
100,000 AR quizzes on this site- yay!

Username: First letter of your first name. Then the first 5 letters of your 
last name. (Greg Holman would be GHOLMA)

Password is your 4 digit student ID number. (Not the lunch number)

At Evergreen, to reach your goal by the end of the year, we expect 2 hours of 
reading outside of class each week. We are flexible. If you are busy 
weekends, read 
during the week and vise-versa. Log pages in your planner each day 
under: "reading."

Internet Links

Accelerated Reader - Click here to review your goal, tests taken, 
titles are available. Tests may only be taken at school.

Other Resources