Making EverGREEN! Ways we are an eco-friendly prog

Thank You PG&E!

Our school has won several grants which we've used to make our school 
as "green" as possible. We have a 1.06 kW solar system on it's own digital 
meter that helps power our library & computer lab, this is compliments of a 
PG&E grant awarded in the fall of 2006.

Another PG&E grant, the Bright Ideas grant, awarded in the fall of 2007, 
allowed us to buy 16 solar "Sun Ovens" ( which the kids use 
to prepare their lunches, cookies, cakes, snacks, etc. on any sunny day. As 
a part of this grant, we are working on creating a solar cookbook to sell 
so we can raise some money to send a Sun Oven to Africa. We have contact 
with a village in the Congo that still relies on wood for cooking, etc. Our 
hope is to send at least one oven per year to this village so as they learn 
about solar cooking, they can distribute the ovens to the villagers as they 
learn how to use the solar ovens.
In the fall of 2007 we were awarded a grant from the Paradise Community 
Foundation that allowed us to start a large recycling and composting program 
at our school. This grant was awarded to us in large part due to the help of 
Jennifer Arbuckle of Norther Recycling and Waste Services. In the fall of 
2007 our recycling program got off the ground and in the spring of 2008 we 
added a 7,000-worm "worm farm" and two thermal-composters as well as a rain-
diversion barrel. It is our hope to now add a vegetable & herb garden near 
our worm farm so we can grow veggies, which we will use to prepare recipes 
in our solar ovens! 
All of this has been such a blast, and watching our 6th graders learn about 
conservation, the principles of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and how to apply 
them in real life has been so amazing! Parents are telling us all the time 
that their kids are hounding them for throwing away recyclable items or 
things that can be composted. It is just awesome!

Evergreen's 16 Sun Ovens:
Only one year after winning the solar panel grant, E6 won another 
awesome PG&E grant through their "Bright Ideas" program! We used 
the money from this grant to purchase 16 amazing Sun Ovens. These 
solar ovens cook using only the power of the sun and can get up to 400˚ 
or more.

More information to follow soon...

Students who sign up to cook items at school:

-Prepare at home, take dirty dishes home that day.
-Have a back-up lunch (sun, wind, rain, 4-square ball)
-9x10 pan maximum
-Think healthy, balanced meals
-Partner with others to make several items to share for lunch
-Set up on your time before school, at break or lunch
-Keep track of what works for a future recipe book assignment
-Sign up in E2, experiment, and enjoy cooking with free energy!

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