Feather Falls Trip

Note to Chaperones:

Feather Falls Hike:

(Copy of note sent to drivers the week before trip)
Here are some things you should know:

- Drivers please arrive at 7:30am, all other students at 7:45. 

- This is a serious hike - 9 miles, and we will need you to help your group
hike at a reasonable pace. We will be discussing taking precautions for
avoiding ticks and poison oak by staying on the trail, not having loose
clothing or hair, and washing/ “tick check” after the hike.
- Your child will select who is riding with you by next week.
- Directions will be provided the morning of the hike in the E6 lab.
- Your car group will also be your hiking group. THESE STUDENTS MUST STAY 
- Each group will have an assignment to take 10 pictures. (The group will
decide who can bring a camera.)
- Please arrive at 7:30am - as soon as your group has arrived, you 
may check in and leave.
- The average group takes 4-5 hours to hike/ eat and take pictures. Please 
pace your group for that time - in the past some have raced through in under 2
hours, others have dragged it out much longer. To get back at a reasonable
time, we are asking that all groups start hiking back to the car no later than
12:00. This will get all groups back by 4pm.

- Please bring water, layers (1 waterproof), lunch and a smile.

-Please do not stop for “extras” on the way home. Check in at the E6 lab when
you return. Students may call for rides from E6.
Thanks again for volunteering.
E6 Staff 

Feather Falls

One private account of the hike with great photography:
Feather Falls Photos/ Info Link

USFS Official Feather Falls Website w/ downloadable map and 
directions. (We 
will provide these the morning of the trip)
USFS Website Link

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